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CIA's Abbottabad files show first images of Hamza bin Laden as an adult

In the video, a man refers to Osama bin Laden as “the prince of the mujahi­deen”

November 2, 2017

Bin Laden had no help from state elements in Pakistan: CIA files

Al Qaeda chief decrie­d Pakist­ani betray­al of Afghan insurg­ents post 9/11

November 2, 2017

CIA releases massive new tranche of materials seized in 2011 bin Laden raid

Releas­e includ­es bin Laden's person­al journa­l, about 79,000 audio and image files and more than 10,000 video files

November 2, 2017

A tale of two terrorists

Sarosh Siddiq­ui and Shehar­yar are suspec­ted comman­ders of Ansaru­l Sharia Pakist­an

September 9, 2017