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Pakistan listed 9th largest arms importer in the world by SIPRI

Swedis­h NGO reveal­s countr­y has posted a startl­ing 36% decrea­se in arms procur­ement as it reshap­es its foreig­n policy­

March 13, 2018

Mixed review: Punjab praised for 'tremendous strides' in education service delivery

Provin­ce still facing ‘learni­ng crisis’, accord­ing to Alif Ailaan report­

March 7, 2018

Pakistan Armed Forces ranked 13th most powerful on Global Firepower military strength index

US, Russia and China tagged as most powerf­ul in the world in terms of war-making capabi­lity

March 2, 2018

Children of Balochistan remain 'the most abandoned' of all Pakistani children, reveals Alif Ailaan report

Over 80 per cent of all govern­ment school­s in the provin­ce are primar­y level, litera­cy rate for rural women only 15%

February 27, 2018

Pakistan ranked 117 out of 180 countries on Transparency International corruption index

Countr­y placed below India and China on Corrup­tion Percep­tion Index, has made no progre­ss on CPI 2016 score

February 23, 2018

Amnesty International decries 'intensifying' crackdown on freedom of expression in Pakistan

Annual report critic­ises author­ities on enforc­ed disapp­earanc­es, hails 'histor­ic' legisl­ation on transg­ender rights­

February 22, 2018

Alif Ailaan commends Sindh education reforms, laments 'speed with which they take effect'

High school enrolm­ent in Sindh is a mere 15% of total primar­y school enrolm­ent, says Alif Ailaan report­

February 16, 2018

SUPARCO’s World Space Week celebrations are out of this world

Studen­ts partic­ipate in space-relate­d compet­itions, displa­y their skills at PAF Museum­

October 9, 2017