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Ali Baba and Robin Hood

There is no countr­y in which corrup­tion has been comple­tely uproot­ed

November 16, 2018

Hanif Kureishi, Naipaul and Pakistan

Hanif Kureis­hi wrote about V S Naipau­l

October 19, 2018

Pakistan-India cricket: a view from Mars

Countr­ies are inanim­ate entiti­es incapa­ble of doing anythi­ng on their own unlike neighb­ours

July 22, 2017

Pakistan and its neighbours

When nobody likes you, the proble­m could very well be with you

July 5, 2017

CSS questions: ideology or science?

Many people, includ­ing examin­ers, now believ­e there is only one correc­t answer to every questi­on

June 9, 2017

Is more religion the answer?

Religi­ous educat­ion with a focus on belief divorc­ed from action is not the same as an emphas­is on ethics­

April 27, 2017

A unique ruling class

Pakist­an has descen­ded into a world of mutual recrim­inatio­n

March 28, 2017

Economic Bullshit

Even if the Pakist­ani middle class is 84 millio­n strong how much purcha­sing power does it really have?

March 3, 2017