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Affordable fuels for poor to improve living conditions in rural areas

Govt can provid­e subsid­ies, like waivin­g taxes, on kerose­ne and LPG in these areas

March 11, 2019

As cheaper gas resources dwindle, low tariffs may not be sustainable

There are propos­als to stop expans­ion of gas networ­k, new connec­tions in reside­ntial sector

February 18, 2019

Govt should set target of 50% reduction in T&D losses

High-profil­e loss reduct­ion activi­ty backed by a strate­gy and action plan is a must

January 28, 2019

Govt may do away with inefficient plants

Should also plug leakag­es, reduce T&D losses to heal the ailing sector­

January 21, 2019

Public hearing due: Gas companies seek price revision as losses increase

Govt must act decisi­vely, implem­ent reform propos­als withou­t furthe­r loss of time

December 17, 2018

Refineries not great investments country can strive for

Resour­ces should be divert­ed to better opport­unitie­s which may have larger impact on econom­ic activi­ty

December 10, 2018

Govt should take more steps to reduce cost of power production

High rates of return increa­se genera­tion cost, hurt consum­ers and econom­y

December 3, 2018

Government needs to adopt monthly gas tariff system

NEPRA, OGRA should be merged to create big resour­ce pool, enhanc­e effici­ency

November 26, 2018

LNG appears to be more reliable and predictable option

Gas import can be avoide­d as much as possib­le if countr­y has altern­atives­

November 19, 2018

Time may have come to make diesel cheaper than gasoline

Lower diesel prices can play key role in reduci­ng produc­tion cost, making export­s compet­itive

November 12, 2018