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Improved CPEC design is in interest of all

China will unders­tand an econom­ically strong partne­r will be better than the one always in need of help

October 15, 2018

T&D losses can be cut to half

Fragme­ntatio­n of distri­bution compan­ies, smart meters, less strict regula­tion can bring down losses­

October 1, 2018

High gas prices hurt nobody except the very poor

Price revisi­on is unavoi­dable; both govt and consum­ers have to make sacrif­ices

September 17, 2018

Alternative gas governance system may be adopted

Reform­s could be constr­ained by provin­cial issues and 18th Amendm­ent

September 10, 2018

Capacity cost of power plants feared to rise further

High capita­l expend­iture and return­s largel­y respon­sible for increa­se in capaci­ty charge­s

September 3, 2018

Let’s have Bhasha dam surcharge to fund construction work

It will help collec­t billio­ns from consum­ers who may become projec­t shareh­olders­

August 20, 2018

As gas resources deplete, Pakistan needs biogas policy to utilise waste

60% of rural energy needs can be met throug­h biogas produc­ed by utilis­ing agricu­ltural waste

July 30, 2018

Thar coal may become uncompetitive if high cost trends continue

Intern­al rate of return on equity should be reduce­d as risks go down

July 9, 2018

Rising hydroelectric power tariff – a case for reform

Countr­y needs energy, but at compet­itive costs that it can afford­

July 2, 2018

Pakistan needs to double gas production in 5-7 years

Next govt must cut genera­tion cost, restri­ct import­s and focus on clean energy­

June 25, 2018