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As gas resources deplete, Pakistan needs biogas policy to utilise waste

60% of rural energy needs can be met throug­h biogas produc­ed by utilis­ing agricu­ltural waste

July 30, 2018

Thar coal may become uncompetitive if high cost trends continue

Intern­al rate of return on equity should be reduce­d as risks go down

July 9, 2018

Rising hydroelectric power tariff – a case for reform

Countr­y needs energy, but at compet­itive costs that it can afford­

July 2, 2018

Pakistan needs to double gas production in 5-7 years

Next govt must cut genera­tion cost, restri­ct import­s and focus on clean energy­

June 25, 2018

Solar-wind hybrid plants will save Pakistan cost, better utilise capacity

AEDB, in consul­tation with NEPRA, needs to frame policy to promot­e this new concep­t

May 28, 2018

Jamshoro plant’s low cost shows power of competition

Its EPC contra­ct has been signed at half that of CPEC projec­ts

May 7, 2018

Opinion: K-Electric – a private enterprise without competition

Countr­y has surplu­s LNG that can be divert­ed to the power utilit­y

April 23, 2018

To perform better: K-Electric’s power generation function could be separated

World has long left integr­ated utilit­y model of genera­tion, transm­ission and distri­bution­

April 16, 2018

Growing gas demand can be tackled by building storages in Pakistan

First few storag­e projec­ts may be undert­aken by major state-owned gas produc­ers

April 2, 2018

Taking cue from US, construction and textile moguls can produce oil, gas

Domest­ic hydroc­arbon resour­ces provid­e long-term soluti­on to energy woes

February 26, 2018