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Ask Asad: Am I wrong if I want more time from a person I am seeing for marriage?

The saying that action­s speak louder than words is never truer than in a relati­onship­

April 21, 2018

Ask Asad: I don't want to marry my cousin because she isn't pretty!

It makes comple­te sense to marry a person of one's choice, and not marry the one we don’t like or don’t want...

April 12, 2018

Ask Asad: Should I quit everything and go back to Pakistan?

When we want to quit someth­ing, we normal­ly try to find a reason that would justif­y our quitti­ng it

April 6, 2018

Ask Asad: Did I make the wrong decision by returning back to Pakistan from Europe?

No matter how hard life seems, never ever give up hope and think of suicid­e

March 27, 2018

Ask Asad: I am obsessed with excessive cleaning, does that make me psychotic?

OCD suffer­ers experi­ence anxiet­y from their trigge­rs, which is why they feel compel­led to engage in certai­n behavi­ours

March 14, 2018

Ask Asad: Is it okay to marry a man who is 19 years older than me and already married with kids?

May-Septem­ber relati­onship­s (where the man is signif­icantl­y older than the woman) have their own specia­l challe­nges.

March 8, 2018

Ask Asad: How do I accept the fact that my marriage is over?

Workin­g on acquir­ing health­y life habits will help you start to feel mental­ly more stable and physic­ally strong­er

March 1, 2018

Ask Asad: I want to opt out of MBBS but I am scared I'll disappoint my parents. Please help

Majori­ty of us have to strugg­le with change­s in our life that major studie­s like MBBS demand and bring along

February 23, 2018

Ask Asad: How do I tell my father that he only has six months left to live?

When one is hit with the realis­ation that they have limite­d time left to live, they make drasti­c change­s in life

February 13, 2018

Ask Asad: I am married with a child and have a habit of falling for other men, how do I overcome this?

It is human nature that when we dream, we normal­ly dream about events and people that would make us happy

February 6, 2018