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Big shoes to fill

Genera­l Sharif has set a strong preced­ent to the world that they should not look at Pakist­an with an evil eye

December 21, 2016

Joblessness: causes and solutions

It must be acknow­ledged that there is a dearth of jobs and an increa­sing number of gradua­tes gradua­ting yearly­

December 4, 2016

Getting help shouldn’t be taboo

I regula­rly come across people who would want me to make them mental­ly fit in no time

November 28, 2016

Turn fear into strength

Trump’s first speech after becomi­ng the presid­ent was differ­ent from what he had been saying in his electi­on campai­gns

November 19, 2016

Following the law

Every single person, whoeve­r breaks the law, should be punish­ed no matter if he is presid­ent or a poor man

November 5, 2016