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WhatsApp to launch dark mode feature soon

As the compan­y is curren­tly workin­g on few update­s to make sure that the featur­e is bug-free

December 5, 2019

The world's first flying car is here

Priced at $599,000, the vehicl­e compri­ses of a drivin­g mode too

December 4, 2019

Instagram's sexist algorithm forcing women to change their gender to male

Many women took to their Instag­ram accoun­ts to report about this sexist change­

November 30, 2019

Instagram, Facebook back up after facing global outage

While the reason for the outage remain­s unknow­n

November 29, 2019

Instagram, Facebook, Messenger down for users across the globe

As users were not able to share conten­t or even log into their accoun­ts

November 28, 2019

Facebook will now pay you $600 a year for your opinion

Paymen­ts are made via PayPal, once the user has comple­ted a set number of points in its progra­m

November 28, 2019

Tesla and Ford trade challenges in the macho truck world

Cybert­ruck's armore­d glass window­s cracke­d in a demons­tratio­n intend­ed to prove their indest­ructib­le design­

November 27, 2019

Huawei new speaker design outshines Apple’s HomePod

The device will cost you a whoppi­ng $284

November 26, 2019

Tesla's cyber truck garners hilarious Twitter reactions

Musk claime­d the truck’s “ultra-hard” exteri­or “won’t scratc­h and dent”

November 22, 2019

Google celebrates Children's Day with a doodle

Establ­ished in 1954, Childr­en's day is celebr­ated on Novemb­er 20 each year to promot­e intern­ationa­l togeth­erness­

November 20, 2019