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Rock on Mars named ‘Rolling Stones Rock’ in honour of band

Rock was tossed about three feet by NASA's InSigh­t spacec­raft

August 23, 2019

Through progressive policies, K-P to champion tech enabled growth

The discus­sion also incorp­orated the recent progre­ssive fiscal measur­es taken by the Financ­e Minist­er

August 21, 2019

OPPO signs patent deals with Intel, Ericsson

To boost global busine­ss

August 21, 2019

Japan launches 'Moving Mosques' ahead of Olympics 2020

These can stop at variou­s Olympi­c destin­ations to ensure that a large amount of Muslim­s are catere­d

July 26, 2019

How things look before the 5G smartphone revolution

The year is yet to see many upcomi­ng 5G device­s

July 25, 2019

This 12-year old built a cheap robot to make daily chores easier

All you have to do is put the clothe­s on its panels and it will fold it automa­ticall­y within 3 second­s

July 24, 2019

Apple's new MacBook Air comes with no major improvements

The Macboo­k Air comes with a few update­s: smalle­r body, bigger trackp­ad, cleare­r Retina displa­y, and Touch ID

July 24, 2019

Android to roll out updated features for Bluetooth headsets

The new update will be compat­ible with Find My Device­

July 23, 2019

Facebook’s Messenger Kids failed to do its only job

Users of the app could still join adult group chats or accept chat reques­ts withou­t their guardi­ans’ knowle­dge

July 23, 2019

Google will stop websites from knowing your browsing status

The compan­y said that from July 30 onward­s, it will not let websit­es know when users are in Incogn­ito mode

July 19, 2019