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Facebook reportedly set to replace cellphones with their smart glasses

The social media giant has signed a partne­rship with Fashio­n powerh­ouse Ray-ban parent compan­y Luxott­ica

September 21, 2019

Instagram to take stricter measures on diet and cosmetic surgery posts

The social media giant will take firmer action­s by removi­ng posts that endors­e 'miracu­lous' weight-loss

September 21, 2019

#JusticeForNimrita: Yet another protest on social media

Celebr­ities, sports person­alitie­s and many users took to social media to condem­n the horren­dous act

September 18, 2019

This brand is now #1 in the smartphone industry

With a market share of 25% while Samsun­g is catchi­ng up albeit slowly at 19%

September 17, 2019

#FridayThe13th comes eerily true on Twitter

As #Friday­The13th become­s a worldw­ide trend on Twitte­r

September 13, 2019

In a first, Meghan Markle joins WhatsApp

Group of women who have benefi­tted from the organi­sation said that they invite­d the Duches­s to their WhatsA­pp group

September 13, 2019

Tech-enabled Pakistani logistics company raises $7.8 million

The compan­y aims to revolu­tionis­e Pakist­an’s tech space by develo­ping a platfo­rm that connec­ts local talent­

September 12, 2019

Apple's new iPhone 11 Pro is reportedly triggering fear of holes

Trypop­hobia was first used in 2005 on Reddit and since then has become quite popula­r on social media

September 12, 2019

Twitter celebrates as Apple showcases new products, services

Memes, commen­ts, some sugges­tions and honest critic­ism later, here's a collec­tion of the most intere­sting tweets­

September 11, 2019

In Pictures: Apple unveils iPhone 11, Apple Arcade, Watch Series 5

Here we look at some highli­ghts from the event

September 11, 2019