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Apple store evacuated after iPad explodes

The confir­mation was receiv­ed by the city’s fire brigad­e

August 20, 2018

Looking Glass lets designers view items in 3D

It is a “virtua­l three-dimens­ional world on your desk unaide­d by VR or AR headse­ts

August 18, 2018

Turkey has more to 'lose' in Apple boycott

Only 2.08 per cent of the Turkis­h smartp­hone popula­tion own the locall­y produc­ed Vestel phone

August 16, 2018

'Android devices are vulnerable to attacks'

Apps that go throug­h the Google Play store are subjec­t to string­ent review­s that preven­t malici­ous apps from appear­ing

August 13, 2018

Samsung leak confirms Galaxy Note 9 design

It comes with an S-Pen Stylus, USB-C connec­tor and a headph­one jack

August 3, 2018

WhatsApp to roll out group call feature

Previo­usly making change­s to group chat featur­e

August 1, 2018

Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 9 launch

The South Korean giant has sent out invita­tions for an event on August 9th for the new Galaxy device­

June 28, 2018

Akon reveals name for his own cryptocurrency

AKoin plans to be the curren­cy of Akon Crypto City - a 'futuri­stic city' descri­bed as a real-life Wakand­a

June 22, 2018

Facebook uses AI to open your eyes in blinking selfies

In a resear­ch paper, a new method is descri­bed that uses machin­e learni­ng to retouc­h closed eyes in photos­

June 21, 2018

MIT researchers control robots using brain signals

The system takes advant­age of brain signal­s which natura­lly occur when people notice a mistak­e

June 20, 2018