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PML-N mulls over Nisar expulsion

Party leader­s sugges­t runnin­g as indepe­ndent was proact­ive move to allow him to leave on own terms

June 18, 2018

Pakistan’s elite: who would spend Eid where?

It seems the leader­s would also run mobili­sation campai­gns in their hometo­wn

June 16, 2018

PM seeks report on removal of Zulfi Bukhari's name from ECL

Bukhar­i was grante­d 'one-time' permis­sion by interi­or minist­ry

June 13, 2018

Water situation gradually improving, PM told

Mulk, CEC discus­s upcomi­ng genera­l electi­ons

June 13, 2018

Tribal areas re-designated as districts, sub-divisions

Meetin­g chaire­d by Mulk told politi­cal agents and their assist­ants become DCs and ACs respec­tively­

June 12, 2018

PML-N finalises candidates amid differences in cadres

Confli­cting report­s about Nisar, Abbasi gettin­g party ticket­s

June 10, 2018

NSC takes stock of action plan ahead of upcoming FATF Paris meet

Civil-milita­ry leader­s expres­s satisf­action over effort­s to curb money launde­ring, terror financ­ing

June 8, 2018

Caretakers receive army’s backing for prompt polls

Interi­m cabine­t briefe­d on state of econom­y, intern­al securi­ty

June 6, 2018

Caretaker setup: Six member federal cabinet takes oath

Meanwh­ile, Interi­m PM direct­s Minist­ry of Power to curtai­l losses, improv­e overal­l system effici­ency

June 5, 2018

PM office employees get three-month honorarium

Notifi­cation for paymen­t was earlie­r withdr­awn but former cabine­t approv­ed it silent­ly

June 5, 2018