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On Peshawar’s greenbelts: Sleep even comes to those who have no home

Expose­d to the elemen­ts, street­light people of provin­cial capita­l demand shelte­rs.

October 16, 2017

Taliban deny former Canadian captive’s claims of murder, rape

We strong­ly reject these fake and fabric­ated allega­tions of this Canadi­an family, says Taliba­n spokes­man

October 15, 2017

PTI condemns PML-N’s alleged pro-Ahmadi stance

K-P inform­ation minist­er censur­es Punjab law minist­er for callin­g them his brothe­rs

October 13, 2017

Afghan consular general 'personally optimistic' about Pak-Afghan relations

Upcomi­ng visit of Afghan presid­ent to Islama­bad will enhanc­e, streng­then relati­ons, says Moeen Mrasty­al

October 10, 2017

Afghan peace: Kabul asks Islamabad to hand over five top imprisoned militants

Says they could help in peace and reconc­iliati­on proces­s

October 8, 2017

Mashal lynching case: ATC records seven witness accounts

Judge summon­s all witnes­ses on next hearin­g on 27th

September 20, 2017

Khyber Agency: Clerics set musical instruments on fire

Gadget­s were confis­cated by semina­ry studen­ts who ‘raided’ weddin­g ceremo­nies and Hujras­

September 8, 2017

Will never bow before Mashal’s killers, says father

Lament­s slow proces­s of law and unmet govt promis­es

August 27, 2017

Traffic police to impart road safety training in schools

Road accide­nts are respon­sible for the highes­t number of deaths around the world

August 18, 2017

Kabul urges Samiul Haq to mediate with Taliban

Dr Omar Zakhil­wal meets Darul Uloom Haqqan­ia chief in Akora Khatta­k

July 19, 2017