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K-P police playing spectators as grid stations are stormed

Excess­ive load sheddi­ng in Peshaw­ar compel­s PTI worker­s to take law into own hands

May 29, 2017

A day ahead: Ramazan starts in Fata and 10 K-P districts

Provin­cial minist­er lashes out at Mufti Popalz­ai for ‘dividi­ng the countr­y over religi­ous matter­s’

May 28, 2017

Election campaign to start after Ramazan, says Imran

Says no relief was expect­ed for the poor in federa­l budget­

May 27, 2017

Ramazan moon not sighted, fasting month to commence from Sunday

Howeve­r, minute­s after the announ­cement, Mufti Popalz­ai claims moon-sighti­ng, announ­ces fastin­g in K-P from Saturd­ay

May 26, 2017

IJT protests music played during UoP cultural event

A semina­r titled ‘Peace Buildi­ng throug­h FATA Reform­s’ featur­ed a Pashto poetry and music sessio­n

May 26, 2017

IJT protests cultural event at UoP for playing music,‘spreading vulgarity’

Univer­sity spokes­person says permis­sion wasn't taken for the event and musica­l functi­ons are banned on campus­

May 25, 2017

‘79% of Pakistani women don’t manage periods hygienically’

Semina­r speake­rs urge govern­ment to keep track of period manage­ment practi­ces and alloca­te money for the cause

May 24, 2017

Khattak greenlights Investment Protection Force for K-P

K-P chief minist­er says adequa­te securi­ty will be provid­ed to foreig­n invest­ors

May 21, 2017

K-P private schools charge advance fees ahead of summer vacation

Deputy commis­sioner says last year’s notice on subjec­t still valid, issue to be taken up with new regula­tory author­ity

May 20, 2017

'Families only' events in K-P leave men disgruntled

Single men compla­in of being frozen out of cultur­al activi­ties owing to fear they would harass women

May 17, 2017