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Bus rapid transit for Peshawar wins green light

ADB to provid­e Rs50b soft loan for projec­t

March 29, 2017

JI demand probe into Haqqani article

Foreig­n agents exist in the countr­y to sabota­ge its stabil­ity, says Siraju­l Haq

March 27, 2017

Workers’ group urges labour law reforms

Stress­es over need for proper rules of nation­al and intern­ationa­l busine­ss

March 27, 2017

About 2,000 more TB patients diagnosed in K-P in 2016

Pakist­an chest societ­y urges stakeh­olders to start awaren­ess campai­gns to contro­l the spread of the diseas­e

March 25, 2017

Discriminatory ad in K-P newspaper draws public outrage

The ad stated that religi­ous minori­ties such as 'Christ­ians, Hindus and Shias' are eligib­le to apply

March 20, 2017

What counter-narrative? Ulema already rejected extremist narrative, says Fazl

He urged leader­ships of both the countr­ies to intens­ify effort­s for resolv­ing issues on the border

March 16, 2017

Three months to go K-P yet to release Rs19b under district ADB

Disbur­sed Rs14 billio­n out of Rs33 billio­n in nine months­

March 10, 2017

K-P govt fails to beautify Peshawar,adjoining area

Lack of robust policy framew­ork to utilis­e funds for progra­mme led to millio­ns of rupees being wasted­

March 4, 2017

'Social media sensation' Nasir Khanjan granted bail, case referred to FIA

Khanja­n was arrest­ed after a citize­n lodged compla­int that he had posted videos contra­ry to Pashtu­n values­

February 11, 2017

FATA reforms: JI set to launch agitation against govt inaction

Party threat­ens to stage long march, sit-in if propos­ed reform­s are withhe­ld

February 11, 2017