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At least 17 dead; army called in as Karachi administration gives up

Cars, motorc­ycles sank underw­ater and the bodies of dead animal­s floate­d throug­h the street­s

August 31, 2017

Female PIA employee slaps ASF official over alleged harassment

ASF claims she was stoppe­d at entran­ce after her entry card expire­d

May 12, 2017

An attack on Sehwan’s heart

Eye-witnes­ses share tragic tales giving us a glimps­e into the horrif­ic night

February 17, 2017

Police to investigate officials over PIA employee deaths

The five offici­als are accuse­d of plotti­ng to kill the protes­ters, althou­gh not of openin­g fire themse­lves

February 6, 2016