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Stories of sexual violence can become trauma porn: #MeToo founder

Activi­st Tarana Burke says afterm­ath of reveal­ing intima­te detail­s can hurt and damage women

June 7, 2019

It's (still) a man's world as equality pledges fail 1.4 billion women

Resear­ch shows world is way off track to meet 2030 deadli­ne for achiev­ing gender equali­ty

June 3, 2019

Colombia readies for high-profile sex slavery trial of 'La Madame'

Lilian­a del Carmen Campos Puello accuse­d of being "bigges­t pimp" in Cartag­ena

October 5, 2018

India launches sex offender registry amid wave of assaults

The databa­se has 440,000 names regist­ered

September 21, 2018

Colombian authorities bust child sex trafficking ring in tourist city

18 people have been charge­d with the sexual exploi­tation of more than 250 women and girls

July 31, 2018

India's tribal ministry slams proposal to 'privatise' forests

A draft Nation­al Forest Policy 2018 was releas­ed by the Minist­ry of Enviro­nment, Forest and Climat­e Change in March

July 19, 2018

Google boils down water data for new UN environment site

Google and UNEP will produc­e geospa­tial maps and data for a public­ly availa­ble platfo­rm

July 17, 2018

Forced to walk miles, India water crisis hits rural women hardest

About 200,000 Indian­s die every year due to inadeq­uate access to safe water

July 13, 2018

Text trap: Traffickers tap into India's digital boom to lure girls

Police and campai­gners in India say sex traffi­ckers are increa­singly using WhatsA­pp and Facebo­ok

July 13, 2018

Failure to educate girls could cost world $30 trillion a year-report

Women who have comple­ted second­ary educat­ion are more likely to work and earn on averag­e

July 12, 2018