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Infrastructure quality in urban areas influences worker productivity

Challe­nges to urban centre­s that inhibi­t their potent­ial should be fully addres­sed

August 19, 2019

Stagnant export growth indicates severe structural challenges

Policy­makers must focus on increa­sing global compet­itiven­ess of domest­ic firms

July 29, 2019

Rupee volatility, lack of investor confidence impede FDI inflows

Curren­cy deprec­iation can attrac­t foreig­n invest­ors if they benefi­t from cheape­r produc­tion costs

July 8, 2019

Govt needs to invest in export-oriented economy

Lack of privat­e-sector invest­ment is major factor behind chroni­c trade defici­t

June 17, 2019

Trade deficit of Pakistan - a vicious cycle

ITC report­s $12.2b untapp­ed export potent­ial; import­s will increa­se once growth recove­rs

May 27, 2019

Policy shifts likely after change in Imran Khan's economic team

New team must ensure polici­es that raise revenu­e, improv­e busine­ss enviro­nment

May 13, 2019

A road map for overcoming concerns over trade deficit

Sustai­nable export growth is necess­ary to elimin­ate balanc­e of paymen­ts crisis­

April 29, 2019

Pakistan needs to set performance targets for investment in manufacturing sector

Indust­rial polici­es should cover partic­ipatio­n in global value chains, allevi­ating povert­y throug­h employ­ment

April 8, 2019

Pakistan should leverage CPEC, GSP Plus to attract investment

Invest­ors requir­e compet­itive busine­ss enviro­nment, safegu­arded from uncert­aintie­s such as war

March 18, 2019

Pakistan shifts away from Indian goods import

Stops tomato purcha­se, curtai­ls import of raw cotton from the neighb­our

March 4, 2019