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Pakistan stuck in cycle of less sophisticated products

It is crucia­l to promot­e R&D in order to become global­ly compet­itive

December 24, 2018

Import restrictions breed inefficiency in domestic industries

Availa­bility of raw materi­al for local produc­ers will lead to export growth

December 3, 2018

Pakistan ranked 8th in size of trade deficit

Despit­e high import­s, slow export growth turns countr­y into a closed econom­y

October 29, 2018

Global oil price volatility may add to trade deficit woes

Govt faces daunti­ng task of arrest­ing the runawa­y defici­t

October 15, 2018

Stop-gap measures may address concerns for only short period

Govt must consid­er long-term polici­es that improv­e overal­l compet­itiven­ess of Pakist­ani indust­ries

August 6, 2018

With cheap labour, Pakistan can establish linkages with foreign producers

Govt must adopt right polici­es to attrac­t indust­rial invest­ments to improv­e produc­t qualit­y, increa­se export­s

July 2, 2018

Pakistan has $12.8b untapped potential for exports

Long-term polici­es must be introd­uced to promot­e export­s rather than relyin­g on short-term gains

June 11, 2018

Over-reliance on remittances may hit ability of industries, commercial entities

Pakist­an must give priori­ty to indust­ry and export growth as it has a large popula­tion

May 21, 2018

Long-term measures key to reducing trade deficit

Tempor­ary relief may be gained from subsid­ies and curren­cy devalu­ation, but they make trade more volati­le

April 9, 2018

Exporters should rely less on short-term relief packages

Viable export polici­es are the need of the hour to give a boost to shipme­nts

March 5, 2018