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‘Mentally challenged’ person teaches children in Khairpur’s govt-run school

Qadir Bux Khaskh­eli suffer­s from hearin­g and speech impair­ment

September 26, 2017

Over one-third of NA agenda goes unattended

Lack of quorum mars 46th sessio­n of lower house, forces adjour­nment of five out of nine sittin­gs

September 26, 2017

'Khilafat is coming': Islamic State flag put up on Islamabad's main thoroughfare

Interi­or minist­er seeks report from police chief

September 24, 2017

NA told: 376,769 CNICs digitally blocked in three years

Identi­ty cards were impoun­ded after they were deemed suspic­ious by verify­ing agenci­es

September 23, 2017

Farewell call: outgoing Chinese envoy calls on NA speaker

NA speake­r lauds servic­es of Chines­e ambass­ador for promot­ing Pakist­an-China friend­ship

September 22, 2017

Govt set to abolish FCR in FATA

Minist­er tells NA PM to give policy statem­ent on reform­s packag­e on return from US

September 22, 2017

Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill: NA bill stipulates stricter punishment for thieves

Adopts five resolu­tions, refers bills to releva­nt commit­tees for furthe­r consid­eratio­n

September 20, 2017

Fifth consecutive day: NA adjourned over lack of quorum, once again

Govern­ment says it is framin­g a policy to cancel licenc­es of automa­tic weapon­s

September 19, 2017

Proscribed outfits’ list: Sindh yet to ask Centre for banning Ansarul Sharia

Ansaru­l Sharia Pakist­an is allege­dly involv­ed in subver­sive acts

September 18, 2017

Five men report harassment by women at workplace

50, of 59 cases, of harass­ing women at workpl­ace have been settle­d, inform­s law minist­ry

September 18, 2017