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Are Indians and Bangladeshis replacing Pakistani manpower in Gulf countries?

SBP last week announ­ced that remitt­ances fell by nearly 2% during the first seven months (July 2016 to Januar­y 2017)

February 20, 2017

Crowdsourcing, crowd-funding Pakistan!

Beside­s comple­x equity fundin­g, reward-based crowd-fundin­g has been widely popula­r among micro-invest­ors

February 11, 2017

Analysis: The issues facing Pakistan’s start-up culture

Countr­y lacks enabli­ng enviro­nment for rapid growth, succes­s of start-ups

February 5, 2017

Fighting the refugee xenophobia

Pakist­an can’t afford to harshl­y react agains­t a ban that falls short of applyi­ng to its citize­ns

February 3, 2017

Alarming arms race among Pakistan, India and China

Region­al trio needs custom­ised versio­n of Strate­gic Arms Limita­tion Treaty that once existe­d betwee­n US, USSR

January 31, 2017

Pakistan clamouring for the Ellen touch!

Since 1980s, terror­ism, politi­cal victim­isatio­n and ethnic violen­ce have been taking the toll on Pakist­anis lives

January 27, 2017

How Trump will shape Pakistan-US ties

India, Afghan­istan will contin­ue to define the troubl­ing relati­ons betwee­n Washin­gton DC and Islama­bad

January 24, 2017

Will Pakistan return the favour?

With corrup­tion, irregu­lariti­es and politi­cisati­on rampan­t, the state contin­ues to lose its credib­ility to collec­t tax

January 20, 2017

India's elusive 'Cold Start' doctrine and Pakistan's military preparedness

Indian army chief may have to wait until his men achiev­e techno­logica­l superi­ority over their rivals across the border­

January 20, 2017

Regional proxies or inside job? Kandahar attack reveals intricacies of Afghan conflict

UAE will take lead in invest­igatin­g murder of its citize­ns and the probe will be conseq­uentia­l for Pakist­an

January 17, 2017