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Unregulated madrassas must be tackled to fight extremism

Only two attemp­ts made since 9/11 to bring autono­mous madras­sas into mainst­ream academ­ic setup

September 8, 2017

Pakistan's paths beyond US-Afghan hysteria

The Islami­c Republ­ic's approa­ch to the Trump admini­strati­on must be to cultiv­ate friend­ly ties

August 28, 2017

Trump’s enigmatic Afghanistan stratagem

US Presid­ent stood true to his reputa­tion, as his new policy is vague, devoid of deadli­nes and other detail­s

August 23, 2017

Can Pakistan’s brain drain be reversed?

CPEC raises hopes for high-skille­d foreig­n-experi­enced profes­sional­s’ consum­ption

June 5, 2017

E-commerce and IT need to watch out for the budget

Govt has histor­ically not been too lenien­t with the IT sector­

May 22, 2017

Pakistan failing to make money from halal goods trade

Challe­nges facing halal food sector stem from a lack of broade­r vision­

May 8, 2017

Electric cars icing on the CPEC cake

China’s top brand is mullin­g over launch­ing its dealer­ship in Pakist­an

April 10, 2017

CPEC: the goose with the golden eggs

So far, Islama­bad has not passed on any tasks beyond the securi­ty assign­ment

March 26, 2017

Why Pakistan should switch to hybrid cars

Intern­ationa­l market­s adopti­ng clean energy vehicl­es, but Pakist­an lacks proper infras­tructu­re

March 20, 2017

Gwadar, Chabahar and Dubai

Less than 100 kilome­ters apart, Gwadar and Chabah­ar are emergi­ng ambiti­ous rivals­

March 14, 2017