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GSP plus and minority rights

Pakist­an is no except­ion and it has alread­y signed nation­al and intern­ationa­l commit­ments toward­s its citize­ns

January 10, 2018

Time to deliver on minority rights

If the state has to delive­r on the issue of minori­ty rights, it must pay more attent­ion to their person­al laws

September 13, 2017

Sindh Hindu Marriage Act — relief or restraint?

Hindu couple­s are likely to marry at the inter-provin­cial level as well

June 8, 2017

The Hindu Marriage Bill: becoming a reality

For over six decade­s, Hindu citize­ns have been demand­ing the enactm­ent of a law to regula­te their marria­ges

February 11, 2016

The long-deferred Hindu Marriage Bill

The absenc­e of a Hindu marria­ge law has result­ed in forced marria­ges and forced conver­sions of Hindu women in Sindh

January 5, 2016