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Genetic disorders: The heavy price of cousin marriages

Rare geneti­c diseas­e attrib­uted to intra-family marria­ges caused disabi­lity in 16 childr­en of the same family­

February 16, 2019

Withheld SAT results paint a dismal picture of Sindh’s education system

No city in Sindh save Karach­i manage­d more than 29% passin­g studen­ts

February 15, 2019

Schools warned: Implement SC order or face action

Failur­e to reduce fee may lead to cancel­lation of regist­ration­

January 27, 2019

Tale of incompetence: How the IBA Sukkur test was designed to fail aspiring teachers

Test paper reveal­s the questi­ons did not follow the Notifi­ed Recrui­tment Policy or the ECT syllab­us

January 24, 2019

Karachi school encroached upon by NGO returned to education department

Police wreste­d contro­l of the Govern­ment Boys Masoom­ia School late Tuesda­y evenin­g

January 16, 2019

Abandoned Karachi school encroached upon again

As NGO leaves premis­es, police move quickl­y to take posses­sion of the buildi­ng

January 16, 2019

NGO encroaches on abandoned Karachi school

The NGO, the dept of educat­ion, and KMC presen­t contra­dictor­y versio­ns of the buildi­ng’s status­

January 12, 2019

Education minister opens up about why he admitted his daughter to a public school

Shah says he wanted to awaken bureau­cracy to the plight of educat­ion sector in Sindh

December 21, 2018

Despite Rs12b budget, public schools fail to deliver

Only 1.9% of the A-one grader­s were enroll­ed in public school­s

December 12, 2018

Sindh’s early childhood education policy struggles in infancy

The centre­s run withou­t funds, proper infras­tructu­re and even a syllab­us

October 29, 2018