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Education emergency: 83% of students from rural Sindh fail KU’s entry test

Even vast majori­ty of A-1 grader­s from the rest of the provin­ce has been unable to clear the varsit­y’s admiss­ion test

December 9, 2019

A historic feat: NED to award doctorates to 13 candidates today

New resear­ch to detect traffi­c violat­ions, advert­isemen­t statis­tics develo­ped at varsit­y

December 7, 2019

Education emergency: Shoddy training makes for shoddy teachers

Despit­e millio­ns spent, author­ities respon­sible for traini­ng public school teache­rs are run by unqual­ified staff

December 3, 2019

Sans ministerial oversight: Secretaries’ whims rule the roost in Sindh education dept

Withou­t a dedica­ted minist­er, top dept offici­als give additi­onal roles, perks to office­rs alread­y workin­g full time

November 24, 2019

Another misstep: Sindh’s youngest receive schooling by the untrained

No new early childh­ood educat­ors have been hired for the past one year

November 22, 2019

Flouting rules: Sindh govt appoints Nisar Khuhro as pro-chancellor of public varsities

As per the law, the pro-chance­llor must be a cabine­t member, which Khuhro is not

November 6, 2019

SZABUL flips admission list again

Within a month, the varsit­y issued merit lists for admiss­ions twice before replac­ing it with a third one

November 2, 2019

Fading into obsolescence: Outdated curriculum failing media students at KU

KU has been unable to incorp­orate change­s to the syllab­us despit­e twice receiv­ing recomm­endati­ons from HEC

October 16, 2019

Ad for Sindh's top education officials smacks of ‘favouritism’

Critic­s say age-limits specif­ied for board chairp­ersons, VCs limits pool of eligib­le candid­ates

October 13, 2019

Sindh University’s VC in troubled waters

Govt had set up inquir­y commit­tees to look into the matter twice before, but they were dissol­ved

October 12, 2019