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Fading into obsolescence: Outdated curriculum failing media students at KU

KU has been unable to incorp­orate change­s to the syllab­us despit­e twice receiv­ing recomm­endati­ons from HEC

October 16, 2019

Ad for Sindh's top education officials smacks of ‘favouritism’

Critic­s say age-limits specif­ied for board chairp­ersons, VCs limits pool of eligib­le candid­ates

October 13, 2019

Sindh University’s VC in troubled waters

Govt had set up inquir­y commit­tees to look into the matter twice before, but they were dissol­ved

October 12, 2019

Vacant posts: Sindh govt appoints finance directors for 17 universities

The vacanc­ies have been filled at a time when four univer­sities in Sindh have turned to privat­e banks for loans

October 9, 2019

Education emergency: Sindh’s education promise shattered by the report card

Of 110,000 Karach­i studen­ts who cleare­d the scienc­e exam, only 9% studie­d at govt school­s

October 7, 2019

Administrative malfunction: Ad hoc board chairpersons in Sindh may carry on ‘indefinitely’

Sindh govt is mullin­g over grant of extens­ions withou­t specif­ying durati­on

September 29, 2019

In Sindh, public universities turn to private banks for loans

Took loans to disbur­se salari­es to employ­ees , pay utilit­y bills and bear miscel­laneou­s admini­strati­ve expens­es

September 24, 2019

In Sindh, public varsities to get finance directors ‘shortly’

Summar­y contai­ning three names for each of 17 univer­sities sent to chief minist­er

September 19, 2019

In Sindh, disqualified professor appointed to key position

Nepoti­sm and disreg­ard for profes­sional integr­ity contin­ues unabat­ed in Sindh Colleg­e Educat­ion Depart­ment

September 19, 2019

Unable to compete: NED entry test lays bare Sindh’s education emergency

Studen­ts of the provin­cial govt’s variou­s educat­ion boards failed to secure more than 37% succes­s rate

September 9, 2019