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Tapping the potential: K-P takes steps to promote fish farming

Work underw­ay to promot­e and develo­p fish farmin­g indust­ry

September 19, 2019

Misinformation to blame for polio challenge in K-P

Social media rumour­s place both polio worker­s, entire campai­gn at risk

September 12, 2019

K-P vows to plant another billion trees

K-P Enviro­nment Minist­er Ishtia­q Urmar says drive will also provid­e jobs to youth

August 19, 2019

With budget cuts, UoP runs into financial troubles

Varsit­y offici­als say high pensio­n bill has forced them to take loans from banks to pay salari­es

August 3, 2019

K-P’s entrepreneurs on top of their games

IT gradua­tes are coming up with innova­tive busine­sses

July 24, 2019

Unchecked child abuse: A future lost to taboos

As incide­nts of sexual assaul­t contin­ue to rise in K-P, tradit­ional attitu­des keep many cases from coming to light

July 23, 2019

Ex-FATA schools struggle with missing facilities, student absenteeism

IMU submit­s first report on school­s of NMDs to the provin­cial minist­er

July 17, 2019

Preparations under way to operate Torkham border around the clock

Trader­s hope move will boost bilate­ral trade, want modern facili­ties at border crossi­ng

July 6, 2019

Alarming trend: The deadly pursuit of academic excellence

Every year, when school­s and colleg­es releas­e result­s, suicid­es among young rise

June 30, 2019

No odds big enough for K-P’s women journalists

Despit­e cultur­al and other challe­nges, women from the provin­ce are enteri­ng media in droves

June 14, 2019