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Misplaced Priorities: The tattered schools of tehsil Bara

Althou­gh Tehsil Bara was declar­ed safe to repopu­late in 2015, the govt has failed to rebuil­d the once razed school­s

November 9, 2019

Divorce occurs after triple talaq, says CII chief

Dr Qibla Ayaz says govt should legisl­ate to penali­se such husban­ds to discou­rage disagr­eeable trend

November 4, 2019

Darra’s warrior beats polio

Despit­e hailin­g from a tradit­ional town differ­ently-abled Afsha pursue­s a master’s degree­

November 2, 2019

Climate change woes: Stormy days ahead for K-P food security

Provin­ce’s food grower­s are beginn­ing to suffer the advers­e effect­s of man-made enviro­nmenta­l change­s

October 25, 2019

Audit report finds holes in Khyber Medical College's financial records

Points to loss of millio­ns of rupees and misuse of author­ity in granti­ng allowa­nces, specia­l conces­sions

October 22, 2019

Out of the box: Technologically empowered woman to conquer K-P markets

With the aid of techno­logy and social media, women in K-P seek to transf­orm the local entrep­reneur­ial landsc­ape

October 21, 2019

Across religious divides: A harmonious haven for Hindus in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

In Peshaw­ar, Hindus and Muslim­s bound in joy & sorrow

October 14, 2019

Not so peachy for Pakistan's peach growers

Despit­e the fruit's popula­rity a host of issues preven­ts grower­s from tappin­g its full potent­ial

October 13, 2019

In a historic first, K-P girl selected to become PAF fighter pilot

Kainat Junaid tops GD Pilot test, set to join her father Squadr­on Leader Ahmed Junaid at PAF

October 12, 2019

Business innovation: K-P startup set to make waves

Nation­al Incuba­tion Centre is mentor­ing severa­l new busine­sses in Peshaw­ar

October 3, 2019