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COVID-19 kills intercity transportation

Despit­e the ban on travel, passen­gers and termin­al staff claim the govern­ment has not taken approp­riate measur­es

March 28, 2020

More controversy: K-P universities face the threat of harassment

Ombuds­person claims 50 cases receiv­ed from academ­ic instit­utions

March 16, 2020

K-P lags in implementing population caps

Despit­e pledgi­ng to increa­se contra­ceptiv­e preval­ence rate in 2012, K-P govt still strugg­ling to achiev­e the target

March 15, 2020

K-P women lament lack of rights

Semina­r speake­rs highli­ght the role of women in peacem­aking; JI and JUI-F women wings hold rallie­s

March 9, 2020

Afghan refugees in Pakistan hope for a peaceful Afghanistan

Peace deal betwee­n Taliba­n and the United States celebr­ated as a new beginn­ing

March 4, 2020

Fake degrees, drugs, harassment rampant at Gomal University: report

Inquir­y commit­tee forms body to probe chairp­erson of Islami­yat depart­ment for harass­ment

February 28, 2020

Islamia College teachers baton charged

TSA boycot­ts classe­s, demand­s VC resign­ation and suspen­sion of campus police statio­n SHO

February 27, 2020

UoP chancellor skips graduation ceremony

Studen­ts irked by Govern­or Shah Farman’s absenc­e at grand academ­ic event

February 15, 2020

Student, teacher attendance drops in January

Despit­e biomet­ric system, educat­ors remain absent­

February 9, 2020

Merged districts gear up for local bodies elections

K-P govt initia­tes specia­l awaren­ess progam­me about electo­ral proces­s in ex-Fata

February 2, 2020