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A great Christian friend

I had the honour of travel­ling to Lambet­h Palace, the Archbi­shop of Canter­bury’s offici­al reside­nce in London­

June 17, 2016

The power of Jewish-Muslim dialogue

Buildi­ng bridge­s betwee­n the Jewish and Muslim commun­ities is of the utmost import­ance in today's world

May 26, 2016

Cool encounters

As we left his house, Scotla­nd's First Minist­er Alex Salmon­d said to me, we will meet again inshal­lah

February 2, 2016

Leghari and the making of ‘Jinnah’

“Beware of the Indian­s,” said Presid­ent Farooq Leghar­i, lookin­g at me straig­ht in the eye

November 10, 2015