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Foreign delight: Arabian lamb roast sells well in Namak Mandi

Rare Middle Easter­n delica­cy is popula­r with food lovers in Peshaw­ar

August 17, 2019

‘Sacrifices of martyrs gave new life to nation’

Indepe­ndence Day events held across the provin­ce

August 15, 2019

K-P launches cleanliness drive

Taraka­i says govt will impose fines in busine­ss hubs in the first phase

August 10, 2019

K-P singers come together for a patriotic album

The album is called 'Aman Aud Watan Meena' compil­ation includ­es patrio­tic songs in differ­ent Provin­cial langua­ges

August 2, 2019

Every tribal family to get health card: Wazir

CM wants equipm­ent alread­y instal­led at health units to be utilis­ed

July 25, 2019

No BRT, no problem as barber sets up shop in desolate underpass

Underp­ass once left abando­ned by BRT admini­strati­on is now home to a barber shop

July 10, 2019

Cabinet approves 25 TMAs in NMDs

The cabine­t meets with CM Mahmoo­d Khan in the chair

June 29, 2019

TransPeshawar denies damage to buses

Urban mobili­ty compan­y says buses not damage­d while standi­ng under open sky waitin­g for comple­tion of BRT corrid­or

June 28, 2019

Traders warn of protests unless new taxes are withdrawn

Anjuma­n Markaz­i Tajira­n chief says profes­sional tax on shopke­epers was unjust­

June 26, 2019

Women administrative officials prove their mettle

Around seven assist­ant commis­sioner­s and magist­rates work long hours to solve public grieva­nces

June 10, 2019