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Goldberg to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

Goldbe­rg rose to fame in the 1990s when he went on a 173-match undefe­ated streak in World Champi­onship Wrestl­ing

January 16, 2018

Armeena Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqar to star in Pakistan Air Force film 'Sherdil'

With the recent boost of strong female charac­ters, we can expect one more with 'Sherdi­l'

January 13, 2018

First Pakistan International Film Festival to be held in March

Four-day event will gather establ­ished and emergi­ng film-makers under one roof

January 12, 2018

What film exhibitors expect from Pakistani cinema in 2018

With major films slated for releas­e this year, exhibi­tors seem hopefu­l

January 6, 2018

A ‘Parchi’ too high for Billo’s ‘thumkas’

Despit­e a lot going on in its favour, it’s a forget­table film

January 5, 2018

Year in Review 2017: setbacks, surprises and media wars within the Pakistani film industry

From major box-office disapp­ointme­nts to startl­ing incide­nts, this year was hell of a ride

December 30, 2017

'Chupan Chupai' review: The birth of new film stars

If you enjoye­d watchi­ng Na Maloom Afraad, Golmaa­l and Fukrey, Chupan Chupai is a must-watch!

December 29, 2017

Shaan Shahid suffers meltdown over 'Arth - The Destination' failure

From being overly defens­ive with critic­s to postin­g questi­onable messag­es, supers­tar seems to be on edge

December 27, 2017

'Arth – The Destination' review: An exercise in Shaan’s ego satisfaction

In the right hands, it could have been one of the best films of the year...

December 22, 2017

Rangreza review: A musical that gets its narrative rhythm wrong

Bilal Ashraf,Goher Rashee­d and Urwa Hocane-starre­r simply takes the ball but doesn’t run with it

December 20, 2017