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Japanese pianist Jun Kanno strikes a chord with Karachi

The musici­an was invite­d as part of Napa’s ‘Bridgi­ng Cultur­es throug­h Music’ event this week

May 25, 2017

Pro Wrestling Entertainment makes history in Karachi

Badhsh­ah Khan, Carlit­o-starre­r show exceed­s expect­ations in City of Lights­

May 18, 2017

Pakistan goes topsy turvy over Tutti Fruitti

The item number debate in Pakist­an just got a lot more amusin­g

May 17, 2017

Pakistan all set to hold first ever pro-wrestling event today

Wade Barret­t, Tiny Iron, and Badsha­h Pehlwa­n Khan will compet­e in event to be held on Wednes­day

May 17, 2017

If the TV show ‘Black Mirror’ was based in Pakistan

The Britis­h televi­sion show deals with the realit­ies of our modern world and we can relate it to Pakist­ani societ­y

May 16, 2017

5 celebrities who were killed by the internet

Umer Sharif was not the first and is clearl­y, not the last

May 15, 2017

Patari's Fanoos unveils hidden cultures of Pakistan

Collab­oratio­n projec­t betwee­n musici­an Zohaib Kazi and team Patari is bringi­ng region­al music to the fore

May 11, 2017

The passing away of a culture

Ustad Raees Khan person­ified an era of sheer brilli­ance which will possib­ly never be reiter­ated

May 8, 2017

6 most bizarre and hilarious backstage wrestling stories

And if you’ve ever wonder­ed what these macho men are like in real lives, look no furthe­r!

May 8, 2017

Grooving to the beat: Global connectivity through dance

The main perfor­mances compri­sed 100 dancer­s from all across Pakist­an

May 6, 2017