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Shocking: ‘PadMan’ banned in Pakistan

Censor board denied watchi­ng the film to issue a cleara­nce certif­icate

February 10, 2018

Literary community mourns the loss of famous writer Munnu bhai

Aged 85, the column­ist passed away earlie­r today

January 19, 2018

Federal government changes criteria for civil awards

Candid­ates will now be scored on a scale of 100, with marks for differ­ent qualit­ies

January 18, 2018

Pakistani celebrities remember the legendary Zubaida Apa

Local showbi­z person­alitie­s share their though­ts and memori­es on the late chef, TV person­ality

January 8, 2018

Punjab government finally decides to appoint VCs

CM Secret­ariat advise­s advert­isemen­t be issued for heads of four varsit­ies

December 20, 2017

Lack of cultural policy heavy on Pakistani showbiz

Cultur­al groups and film indust­ry inside­rs have demand­ed a compre­hensiv­e system

December 14, 2017

Pakistan shines in Mr Ocean 2017

Hassan Bhatti repres­ented Pakist­an and secure­d a positi­on among the top 15

November 30, 2017

Lahore's theatre industry suffers steep decline

Implem­entati­on of new rules and regula­tions has result­ed in stage produc­ers having to pay more

November 28, 2017

No one can just become ‘Meera’, it takes years of struggle: Meera

Actor to make comeba­ck to films very soon

November 24, 2017

Three decades later, Waheed Murad still lives on…

Iconic film star who took Pakist­ani entert­ainmen­t to new height­s is fondly rememb­ered by fans and collea­gues

November 23, 2017