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LG reps all set to flex their muscles

Plan to hold demo in front of Punjab Assemb­ly next week

December 13, 2017

Orange Line Metro Train: Litigation to cost exchequer over Rs10 billion

All constr­uction works near herita­ge sites had been halted since Januar­y 28, 2016 due to stay order by top court

December 10, 2017

PHA to outsource advertising rights

Compan­ies invite­d to expres­s intere­st in develo­ping state-of-the-art advert­ising spaces­

December 5, 2017

Power struggle: Councillors Ittehad launches drive in 13 districts

Lahore chapte­r of allian­ce has called a conven­tion on Decemb­er 8.

December 4, 2017

Protest in Karachi ends but religious group refuses to wrap up Lahore sit-in

Faizab­ad protes­t called off follow­ing resign­ation of Law Minist­er Zahid Hamid

November 27, 2017

Public transport remains off road in the city

All major privat­e transp­ort compan­ies have also suspen­ded their operat­ion.

November 27, 2017

Opposition decries government use of force against demonstrators

PTI leader calls for removi­ng federa­l law minist­er to resolv­e matter

November 26, 2017

Punjab govt allocates over Rs11b to LG development

Opposi­tion sees move as attemp­t at pre-poll riggin­g by PML-N

November 24, 2017

PPP smells conspiracy against elections

Zardar­i declin­es anothe­r Sharif reques­t for meetin­g

November 23, 2017

‘Lahore Orange Line Metro Train may be launched in just four months’

Steeri­ng commit­tee chairm­an wants pace of work to be expedi­ted

November 23, 2017