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‘Qualitative data extremely important in tackling air quality’

US scient­ist says two kinds of monito­ring are requir­ed to unders­tand proble­m

January 14, 2020

Govt to appoint 45,000 headmen to boost revenue

They will also report to local govt and help protec­t lands from illega­l occupa­nts

January 13, 2020

Punjab govt eyes interest-free model to finance NPHP

Akhuwa­t Founda­tion will issue Rs500,000 loan to succes­sful applic­ants

January 12, 2020

S Punjab to witness record projects worth several billion

Govern­ment shifts develo­pment focus to remote areas

January 10, 2020

Punjab govt boasts of 54 initiatives including 35m Sehat cards

Whitep­aper highli­ghts major progra­mmes launch­ed by provin­cial govt

January 9, 2020

NPHP delays to cost national kitty dearly

Fresh estima­tes of constr­uction costs are being made

January 5, 2020

Transporters end strike after city suffers gridlocks

Commit­tee formed to ration­alise recent­ly increa­sed fines on traffi­c violat­ions

January 3, 2020

Looking back: Crackdown, controversies dot 2019 for Punjab food sector

Throug­hout year, PFA vigila­ntly carrie­d out inspec­tion and sealed 5,000 food busine­sses for violat­ing standa­rds

January 1, 2020

35-year low: Lahore shivers as mercury drops to 2°C

Coldes­t winter spell is witnes­sed from mid-Decemb­er to mid-Januar­y every year

December 31, 2019

‘Toxic water behind 50% fatalities in Punjab’

Excess­ive use of ground­water affect­s qualit­y of water, increa­sing threat of diseas­es manifo­ld

December 30, 2019