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Punjab govt bans relief work by charity organisations

Punjab declar­ed calami­ty-hit provin­ce, lockdo­wn extend­ed until April 14

April 7, 2020

Destitute and poor: lockdown makes life unbearable

Citize­ns say govern­ment’s relief packag­es are just tall claims­

April 6, 2020

Pay no heed to online rumours about COVID-19: PM Imran

Imran Khan hopes countr­y will emerge as a great nation after defeat­ing virus

April 5, 2020

Fighting COVID-19: Rs620m allocated for new diagnostic labs

1,000-bed facili­ty set up to treat corona­virus patien­ts

April 2, 2020

Contagion: Patients, families wary of delay in medical reports

Sugges­t result­s, health analys­is should be posted online for ease

March 31, 2020

Punjab records 437% spike in coronavirus cases since March 20

People’s non-seriou­s attitu­de, poor prepar­edness major reason­s behind growin­g cases

March 30, 2020

Fighting COVID-19: Punjab govt announces Rs10b relief package

Massiv­e waiver of provin­cial taxes given to boost econom­y

March 29, 2020

Food crisis looms as fear of coronavirus disrupts supply chain

Citize­ns compla­in about shorta­ge of flour at retail shops

March 27, 2020

Make your choice: stay home or behind bars

Govt decide­s to impose severa­l restri­ctions on citize­ns under the new law

March 26, 2020

Govt extends lockdown to 14 days, bans pillion riding

All medica­l stores, shops sellin­g food items, fruit, vegeta­ble, meat and milk will remain open

March 24, 2020