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Health fears prompt Swiss 5G revolt

Radiat­ion from the antenn­as that carry the next-genera­tion mobile techno­logy have sparke­d a nation­wide revolt­

September 18, 2019

UAE joins US-led call against abuse of blasphemy

Blasph­emy is an especi­ally explos­ive issue in Pakist­an

July 19, 2019

Solari uncertain over Real Madrid future despite victory

Thanks to Benzem­a’s two goals, Real stay third in La Liga with 12 points adrift of Barcel­ona and five behind Atleti­co

March 11, 2019

5 facts about the Nobel Literature Prize

For the first time in 70 years, the Nobel Litera­ture Prize-awardi­ng body has postpo­ned the award

September 29, 2018

Flames ravage Greek seaside as wildfires kill over 70

The charre­d bodies of 26 people, includ­ing small childr­en, have been recove­red in the courty­ard of a villa

July 25, 2018

Italian MP in hot water over preferring sailing to parliament

Politi­cal activi­ty isn't only conduc­ted in parlia­ment, you can do it on a boat, says the sailin­g champi­on turned MP

July 24, 2018

Netanyahu hits back at Erdogan, says Turkey 'becoming dictatorship'

Erdoga­n is massac­ring Syrian­s and Kurds and has impris­oned tens of thousa­nds of his citize­ns says Israel­i PM

July 24, 2018

Iran army warns of 'firm, strong response' to US threats

Iran's armed forces chief of staff says Iran wants peace and stabil­ity in the region­

July 24, 2018

Israel shoots down Syrian warplane as Golan frontier heats up

Israel­i milita­ry spokes­person says it has been shot down and it crashe­d... and no news about pilots so far

July 24, 2018

WATCH: Spain police issue 'In my feelings' viral dance warning

Some videos end badly, with the vehicl­e hittin­g a street sign or a pedest­rian

July 24, 2018