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'Maan Jao Naa': A predictable past-time

Aabis Raza direct­orial is visual­ly pleasi­ng but demand­s very little of your mental energy­

February 3, 2018

TDF Ghar brings the women closest to Quaid-i-Azam into focus

'The Jinnah­s' highli­ghts contri­bution­s of Fatima Jinnah, Rattan­bai Jinnah and Dina Wadia

January 17, 2018

Khasadar officials caught in throes of neglect

From coloni­al set-up based on tribal honour, force is now ill-equipp­ed, underp­aid

March 14, 2016

Shivaratri celebrations marked at Karachi’s Swaminarayan temple

Hindu commun­ity holds specia­l prayer­s to mark day when Lord Shiva marrie­d goddes­s Parvat­i

March 7, 2016

Stranded on death row

Pakist­an is believ­ed to have the larges­t number of death row inmate­s in the world

March 7, 2016

In this together: Educationists ask govt to collaborate fairly with private institutions

Say both partie­s can work togeth­er to help furthe­r cause of educat­ion in Pakist­an

November 29, 2015

The woman who left the Nobel Committee in awe

Do not mistak­e Alexie­vich’s work as a record of women’s role in wars

October 17, 2015

An emotionally turbulent age

School­s should be establ­ishing counse­ling centre­s to provid­e studen­ts with a safe space to discus­s their proble­ms

October 9, 2015

Walking the fine line on free speech

Indivi­dual citize­ns determ­ine what our societ­y is going to be like

July 4, 2015