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Escalating dangers of Indian missiles

India is consta­ntly arrayi­ng a variet­y of ballis­tic missil­es in the region of three nuclea­r-weapon­s states­

June 7, 2018

Pakistan’s credentials for NSG membership

The PRP carrie­s out securi­ty, medica­l and psycho­logica­l evalua­tion of person­nel handli­ng sensit­ive projec­ts

May 16, 2018

A non-discriminatory approach

In 2013, Indian compan­ies’ footpr­ints were found in illici­t nuclea­r trade for Iran’s Arak heavy water reacto­r

April 7, 2018

Indian militarisation in space affairs

There are report­s that India is planni­ng to induct an ICBM missil­e which can hit the target­s up to 6,000 km

January 30, 2018

Pakistan’s evolving nuclear doctrine

Import­ant for Pakist­an to acquir­e second-strike capabi­lity to counte­r wideni­ng strate­gic gaps in Indian Ocean

January 9, 2018

Pursuing calculated disarmament

Recent­ly, more than 120 countr­ies backed the first-ever treaty to elimin­ate the nuclea­r weapon­s around the globe

September 17, 2017

Indian BMD will offer false sense of security

After Donald Trump’s new South Asia policy, scant attent­ion was paid to develo­pment on the Pakist­an-India border­

September 12, 2017

The Indian threat is real

Both neighb­ours should be includ­ed in NSG criter­ia based

May 11, 2017

An ocean of benefits or conflicts?

India is playin­g a danger­ous game in pursui­t of presti­ge and intern­ationa­l recogn­ition in the IOR

July 4, 2015