‘A new era’

Russia wants to ensure that its regional interests remain safe, strengthening ties with Pakistan is one way to do it

Updated Apr 09, 2021
Safe city project

The consequences of complacency are always serious

Updated Apr 07, 2021
New EAC, same old ideas

Many new members can be 'credited' with being the brains behind the policies that PM blames for the economic problems

Updated Apr 07, 2021
Rising road accidents

The authorities need to be focused more on the issue in view of the gravity of the situation

Updated Apr 05, 2021
Inflation ticking up

With Ramazan just around the corner anxiety about rising inflation is at fever pitch among the public

Updated Apr 05, 2021

We must admit our lack of planning for vaccination amid gross violation of the prescribed SOPs

Updated Apr 05, 2021
Growing gender inequality

Gender parity is good for both women and society

Updated Apr 03, 2021
Daska by-poll verdict

The by-poll in Daska had raised questions on the seriousness and capability of the election commission

Updated Apr 03, 2021
Biden’s snub on climate

We learn that while India, Bangladesh and the UAE all made the list for Kerry's stopovers, Pakistan did not

Updated Apr 03, 2021
Of, by and for the people?

Ironically, when the issue of MPAs’ suspension came up, members from the treasury benches appeared worried

Updated Mar 27, 2021

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