Economic inequality

Economic inequality has always prevailed in human society in one form or the other

Updated Apr 17, 2021
A new team again

PTI’s search for a right team-combination continues more than two and a half years into the government tenure

Updated Apr 17, 2021
Good news from Germany

Arrival of vaccine in big number will give the much-need acceleration to the Covid vaccination process in Pakistan

Updated Apr 13, 2021
Ramazan and price hike

Many essentials might go beyond the reach of common people this Ramazan if profiteers are allowed to have their way

Updated Apr 13, 2021
Blank cheque?

Offer may well put Pakistan at a crossroads — go all-in on Russian aid and risk being ostracised by Western nations

Updated Apr 13, 2021
An elitist state

In Pakistan, the democratic system is merely a veil that covers the dominant elitist mindset of a certain few

Updated Apr 10, 2021
Banning landmines

Only 31 countries have fully removed landmines, and 32 states are yet to do so despite their clearance obligations

Updated Apr 10, 2021
The third wave and students

Private schools should understand the gravity of the situation and the risk the third wave poses for children

Updated Apr 09, 2021
‘A new era’

Russia wants to ensure that its regional interests remain safe, strengthening ties with Pakistan is one way to do it

Updated Apr 09, 2021
Safe city project

The consequences of complacency are always serious

Updated Apr 07, 2021

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  • Littering

    It looks as if littering has turned into our collective habit

  • Violation of SOPs

    While the vaccination process in the country is proceeding pretty slowly, the authorities must focus on getting the public comply with the SOPs

  • An apartheid state

    The world community must take Mr Deif’s words seriously and impose sanctions on the Israeli state institutions

  • Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

    I hope that the workforce associated with the housing scheme will leave no stone unturned for making it a great success

  • Honking horns

    Pakistan needs to formulate proper traffic rules and focus on sternly implementing them so that the culture of loud and queer-sounding horns is curbed

  • Enforcement of laws

    When abeyance of law is at the discretion of individuals, then a society degenerates and chaos is likely to occur

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