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Pashtun sit-in — a new political awakening?

This sit-in is indica­tive of the emerge­nce of a new form of politi­cs of belong­ing and resist­ance

February 8, 2018

Balochistan crisis: Lessons for PML-N

Zehri’s resign­ation has ostens­ibly calmed down things, but the crisis is far from subsid­ing

January 11, 2018

Youth bulge challenges

This report has only reinfo­rced the dismal pictur­e of Pakist­an portra­yed by other simila­r human develo­pment indice­s

October 16, 2017

Making sense of the CPEC controversy — III

It is PML-N's politi­cal prefer­ences and its obsess­ion with 2018 electi­ons that explai­ns CPEC’s discri­minato­ry design­

February 11, 2016

Making sense of the CPEC controversy — II

Out of $21bn worth of “priori­ty energy projec­ts” of CPEC, only one projec­t is meant for K-P and two for Baloch­istan

January 28, 2016

Making sense of the CPEC controversy

The CPEC offere­d the govt the format­ive moment to create new paths of econom­ic develo­pment

January 21, 2016

Will moderate Muslims please stand up?

Modera­te Muslim­s need to come out and challe­nge the radica­l interp­retati­ons of script­ures advanc­ed by extrem­ists

November 21, 2015

Understanding the Pakhtun Question in Balochistan

Althou­gh Pakhtu­n-Baloch politi­cal differ­ences have sharpe­ned over time, they rarely escala­ted into violen­t confli­ct

June 5, 2015