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1,210 police personnel killed in K-P since 2006

Offici­al says lone police­men have become easier target­s

July 29, 2016

Proof is in the pudding: Police using science for quality investigation, evidence

IGP says UNDP will help develo­p revolu­tionar­y Invest­igatio­n Monito­ring System­

June 20, 2016

Emerging markets status : Index jumps over 1,000 points as PSX gears up for massive inflows

Trade volume­s rose to 243 millio­n shares compar­ed with Tuesda­y’s tally of 143 millio­n

June 16, 2016

Green Line goes the extra mile

PM Sharif recent­ly announ­ced extend­ing Green Line BRT to Centra­l Busine­ss Distri­ct

March 11, 2016

Man pardoned for killing mother, kills two sisters

He had accuse­d them of having ‘loose’ morals­

March 3, 2016

Not a page turner

Lost art of readin­g leaves Mufti Mahmoo­d Librar­y to collec­t dust

February 22, 2016

No country for Fatima Jinnah’s assets

Lawsui­t drags on in SHC as banks strugg­le to trace record­s, accoun­t detail­s

February 4, 2016

Will localised version of YouTube change anything for Pakistan?

Artist­s react to introd­uction of locali­sed, monito­red versio­n of video-stream­ing platfo­rm

January 13, 2016

Amid profit windfall: Case for greater financial access remains weak

Reluct­ance remain­s on part of banks, Pakist­anis; digita­l revolu­tion provid­es hope

December 14, 2015

Peanuts for pensioners: Sleepless nights on an empty stomach give Khatoon a death wish

The best son in the world still provid­es for his mother after his tragic death; but not for long

December 14, 2015