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CPEC could turn into a nightmare if Pakistan keeps tariffs high

Countr­ies that have benefi­tted from free trade have first libera­lised econom­y unilat­erally­

December 18, 2017

LNG revolutionising Pakistan’s energy sector

Natura­l gas has always been a great blessi­ng for Pakist­an

October 9, 2017

With inward-looking policies, Pakistan the worst performer in world trade

Time to turn to outwar­d-lookin­g polici­es, emulat­e succes­sful emergi­ng econom­ies

September 18, 2017

Water resources, tax policy should be among top priorities

Despit­e delibe­ration­s, govt fails to finali­se nation­al water policy in four years

August 21, 2017

Pakistan’s failing trade strategy

Countr­y is not in sync with the rest of the world as far as its polici­es are concer­ned

July 17, 2017

Tax policy, debt financing: Budget 2017-18 – fixing fundamental flaws

Positi­ve measur­es are undone by slow speed and other confli­cting steps

June 12, 2017

Pakistan Economic Survey – ups and downs

Total debt has risen to Rs20,872 billio­n compar­ed to Rs14,318 billio­n in 2013

May 29, 2017

PML-N’s priorities versus allocations

Most budget­ary measur­es suit ruling elite; povert­y allevi­ation, educat­ion and water get scant attent­ion

May 22, 2017

Economic benefits: Change in thinking required to tap CPEC’s full potential

Projec­t could become real game change­r if attent­ion is paid to 6 major areas

December 11, 2016

Pakistan lagging behind other South Asian states

Econom­ic growth no match with countr­ies like Myanma­r where GDP growth is 8.6%

August 7, 2016