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Easy fiscal and monetary policies to spur growth

Govt needs to relax curbs on raw materi­al import­s to revers­e declin­e in LSM

January 6, 2020

New industrial policy – do we really need one?

Policy should not be repeat of previo­us ones, must respon­d to modern trends­

November 25, 2019

Protectionism – a major cause of de-industrialisation

Pakist­an must adjust polici­es with changi­ng global trade patter­ns

October 28, 2019

Tale of two nations: How Pakistan can learn from Greece’s turnaround?

While reform­s are changi­ng Greece, Pakist­an is still gropin­g in dark

September 23, 2019

13th IMF bailout may be another ‘successful failure’

Loan packag­e unlike­ly to put countr­y’s econom­y on growth path

August 5, 2019

Human development gets little attention in budget

Govt gives less import­ance to educat­ion and health, cuts alloca­tions

July 1, 2019

Another IMF bailout and then what?

For long-term result­s, govt will need to take guidan­ce from other countr­ies

June 3, 2019

Is Pakistan following Malaysia or North Korea in global trade?

Pakist­an should benchm­ark trade polici­es with Malays­ia; focus on social sector

April 22, 2019

FTA with US - an opportunity Pakistan should not miss

If duties are remove­d, Pakist­an’s export­s to the US can easily double in a short time

February 25, 2019

Despite slogans, people see no sign of change

Pakist­an can become more compet­itive and self-relian­t if change­s are brough­t in five critic­al areas

December 17, 2018