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Our greatest captain — Imran or Misbah?

Imran had a remark­able flair for risk taking with aggres­sion and sublim­e confid­ence

May 10, 2017

Believing in the supernatural

I had the opport­unity to accomp­any a family friend to the shrine of Pir Syed Meher Ali Shah

April 25, 2017

Stop blaming social media

To be fair, I am a bit cluele­ss about the rants agains­t social media as a purvey­or of blasph­emous materi­al

March 23, 2017

When time stands still

Go easy on yourse­lves and others­

March 16, 2017

Umar Saif: rebel with a cause

Poets are dreame­rs. So are maveri­cks

February 18, 2017

American nightmare for Pakistanis

The pandem­onium at Depart­ures was horren­dous, the cacoph­ony deafen­ing

January 30, 2017

Startlingly beautiful impermanence of it all

You can shake down worrie­s if you learn to apprec­iate what you have and be gratef­ul for it

January 17, 2017

No great story starts with a salad

I had heard scary storie­s about the writer’s block. Trust me they are all true

December 19, 2016

Pied Pipers galore

From Imran Khan to Bhutto, from Tahiru­l Qadri to Altaf Hussai­n to Zia, our Pied Pipers have come from divers­e domain­s

December 5, 2016

A matter of perspective

Pakist­an walked free on August 14, 1947. It now needs to run

December 1, 2016