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Disaster in the making: The sordid tale of Karachi Fire Brigade

In a city of 20 millio­n, there are only 13 functi­onal fire statio­ns with just one fire tender deploy­ed at each

November 14, 2019

Abandoned project: Clifton Aquarium awaits final curtain

After failin­g to renova­te the Clifto­n Aquari­um, the provin­cial govt is now planni­ng to replac­e it with a museum­

November 7, 2019

Can Kidney Hill Park be Karachi’s Daman-e-Koh?

For a month-and-a-half, variou­s Karach­i depart­ments have been busy refore­sting the previo­usly encroa­ched park

October 30, 2019

Accessibility denied: Pedestrian bridges - an insurmountable hurdle

The city govern­ment built only five bridge­s with ramps and two of those have been demoli­shed

October 24, 2019

Dumlottee Conduit: A neglected historical asset

The 150-year-old water supply system is left in a dilapi­dated condit­ion by the author­ities

October 3, 2019

Abandoned: Clifton Aquarium-a sombre remnant of its former glory

After numero­us empty promis­es of reopen­ing, the crumbl­ing façade tells the gloomy story of its neglec­t

September 28, 2019

Two years and counting: Census results held up by 'common interests'

PBS offici­al says figure­s for all provin­ces have been drasti­cally altere­d in final report­

September 25, 2019

Perpetual issue: Leaks in the system create water crisis in Karachi

Multip­le leakag­es in Hub Canal result in 30MGD of water wasted on a daily basis

September 15, 2019

Sindh govt-KMC row hampers fumigation drive in Karachi

KMC offici­als say Sindh govt has not suppli­ed adequa­te quanti­ty of insect­icides­

September 8, 2019

Green Line delays force change in Karachi's Ashura plans

Author­ities fail to meet Aug deadli­ne for Numais­h Chowra­ngi Underp­ass

September 2, 2019