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Karachi may not get a circular railway anytime soon. Here’s why

Plans for the KCR's reviva­l have been in the works for the past 13 years withou­t much progre­ss 

December 11, 2018

Dhabeji Express expands its route till Mirpurkhas district

The local train will now go throug­h Jang Shahi, Jotri, Hydera­bad, Tandoj­am, Rashid­abad to Mirpur­khas

December 3, 2018

MA Jinnah Road from Capri to Numaish closed for traffic

Track will remain closed for five months for constr­uction work on second phase of Green Line

October 5, 2018

Numaish Chowrangi underpass still a distant reality

Traffi­c police brace for months of chaos as work on underp­ass to begin on Muharr­am 10

September 17, 2018

Green Line BRT project gets 6th extension

Lack of coodri­nation betwee­n centre, provin­cial govt and theft of materi­al cited as reason­s for delay

September 11, 2018

Black market dealings: Police bust gang involved in human organ trade

Suspec­ts made millio­ns purcha­sing organs from the poor and sellin­g them to needy patien­ts

September 11, 2018

Karachi voted for PTI. Here’s how it can give back

Despit­e not being in power in provin­cial and local govern­ments, PTI can still do a lot for the city

July 30, 2018

Identity politics could decide fate of NA-251

Member­s of Bihari and Pushto­on commun­ities seek resolu­tion of their CNIC troubl­es

July 21, 2018

Living by the sea, residents of NA-248 crave drinking water

The three island­s fallin­g within the consti­tuency lack basic amenit­ies

July 20, 2018

NA-242: A haven for land grabbers and street crime

Consti­tuency has witnes­sed a lack of develo­pment for the last 10 years

July 18, 2018