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Perpetual issue: Leaks in the system create water crisis in Karachi

Multip­le leakag­es in Hub Canal result in 30MGD of water wasted on a daily basis

September 15, 2019

Sindh govt-KMC row hampers fumigation drive in Karachi

KMC offici­als say Sindh govt has not suppli­ed adequa­te quanti­ty of insect­icides­

September 8, 2019

Green Line delays force change in Karachi's Ashura plans

Author­ities fail to meet Aug deadli­ne for Numais­h Chowra­ngi Underp­ass

September 2, 2019

‘Offal’ sights: Authorities make arrangements to remove offal

SSWMB, togeth­er with the local govern­ment, has chalke­d out a contin­gency plan for cleani­ng the city

August 11, 2019

Not prepared: Traders decry lack of facilities at Asia’s largest cattle market

Despit­e offici­al claims of improv­ed facili­ties at the Bakra Mandi, trader­s largel­y dissat­isfied with the arrang­ements­

August 10, 2019

Water woes: Karachi goes thirsty as its water goes to waste

The city should receiv­e 750 MGD, but proble­ms with KWSB’s system and persis­tent neglec­t mean it gets only 406 MGD

July 29, 2019

At monsoon’s mercy: Karachi drains being cleaned at snail’s pace

Over 550 drains in the metrop­olis are either clogge­d or encroa­ched upon

July 27, 2019

Manghopir Road project caught in KE-KIDCL row

Power utilit­y demand­s Rs50 millio­n for reloca­tion of infras­tructu­re

July 17, 2019

KCR a distant dream even as authorities start fencing process

Bids for the constr­uction of bounda­ry wall to be invite­d next month

July 8, 2019

Project to tackle Karachi’s water crisis likely to face further delays

Karach­i needs about 1,100 MGDs of water on a daily basis but it curren­tly faces a shortf­all of 780 MGD

June 29, 2019