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CPEC: a tale of success that still leaves a lot to be desired

For Pakist­an, this is not an easy task - albeit not an imposs­ible one

December 4, 2017

Special Purpose Vehicles – a financial engineering approach

Centre should try to engage local govern­ments for settin­g up projec­t-based SPVs.

October 30, 2017

US anti-Pakistan rhetoric amid realities of CPEC

US percei­ves OBOR as manife­statio­n of Beijin­g assert­ing region­al leader­ship.

August 28, 2017

One Belt, One Road: Why does the CPEC brand matter?

It can bring goodwi­ll even to a poorly concei­ved projec­t

July 31, 2017

Fighting corruption: the call for public procurement reforms

PPRA rules need amendi­ng to align with United Nation­s Commis­sion on Intern­ationa­l Trade Law 2011

July 10, 2017

One Belt, One Road Forum: a black-tie affair?

Unclea­r strate­gic bits of initia­tive paint a vague pictur­e of overal­l projec­ts

June 5, 2017

Looking down the One Belt, One Road

With what is termed the ‘Chines­e Marsha­ll Plan’, initia­tive might realis­e the dream of region­al econom­ic stabil­ity

May 15, 2017

CPEC portfolio keeps increasing, but does it really add value?

Drawin­g parall­els with Chines­e invest­ments in develo­ping econom­ies teache­s valuab­le lesson­s

April 24, 2017

Can Pakistan’s infrastructure spending spree help win the economic marathon?

It might seem like a perfec­t strate­gy but carrie­s long-term conseq­uences for the countr­y

March 27, 2017

Public-private partnership on CPEC vital for sufficient funding

Compre­hensiv­e legal frame work can help improv­e succes­s ratio of such projec­ts

March 13, 2017