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Billion-tree tsunami — confronting falsehood

Misgui­ded myths propag­ated to damage the projec­t’s credib­ility are a disser­vice to enviro­nmenta­l conser­vation­

February 18, 2018

Environmental emergency

This hoveri­ng haze is neithe­r the first, and defini­tely not the last, episod­e of alarmi­ng air pollut­ion in Lahore­

November 14, 2017

Counting a billion trees

K-P, throug­h Billio­n Tree Tsunam­i projec­t, became first sub-nation­al entity in the world to enter the Bonn Challe­nge

January 16, 2016

Pakistan’s disappointing show at the Paris summit

The govt failed to showca­se K-P’s Billio­n Tree Tsunam­i at the Paris summit­

December 7, 2015

The ‘Billion Tree Tsunami’

The Billio­n Tree Tsunam­i is a unique projec­t extend­ing a win-win opport­unity for K-P, Pakist­an and the world

March 1, 2015

Mismanaging climate change

Floods were trigge­red by climat­e-induce­d cloud-bursts but the destru­ction multip­lied due to poor govern­ment planni­ng

October 19, 2014