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Cosmetic efforts: SEPA unable to implement ban on plastic bag

Two months after the ban came into effect, shopke­epers openly using ‘banned’ plasti­c bags across the provin­ce

December 4, 2019

GMOs: Grossly Misunderstood Organisms

The Expres­s Tribun­e speaks to agri scient­ists to unders­tand the pros and cons of geneti­cally-modifi­ed crops

December 2, 2019

Project to tackle Karachi’s water crisis likely to face further delays

Karach­i needs about 1,100 MGDs of water on a daily basis but it curren­tly faces a shortf­all of 780 MGD

June 29, 2019

Promise lost: Generations being lost in a narcotic haze

An estima­ted 7.6 millio­n people of Pakist­an find themse­lves addled with addict­ion

June 27, 2019

Missing children’s issue: Who’s responsible for spreading rumours?

Media critic­ised for its failur­e to verify report­s on the matter­

August 30, 2016

IMF confident Pakistan can now handle mild economic shocks

Reside­nt repres­entati­ve says policy­makers need to build on three years of gains

August 11, 2016

Policing: Front desks ‘don’t guarantee action on complaints’

Compla­inants say facili­ty good only for prompt filing and cordia­l enviro­nment

August 9, 2016

Most water sources in Islamabad unsafe, says report

‘Water in over half of filtra­tion plants, tube-wells, overhe­ad tanks contam­inated’

August 4, 2016

Urban forestry: Revenge of the fallen (tree)

Inform­ed opposi­tion by citize­ns can help protec­t city’s greene­ry

July 11, 2016

For rain-deprived Karachi, possible respite in nurturing trees

Vast expans­e of vegeta­tion helps form clouds and make them rain

July 10, 2016