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Govt takes action against water theft from Chashma Canal

There are more than 700 illega­l water pumps instal­led on 170 mile-long canal

September 16, 2019

Corruption unearthed in DG Khan sewerage project

Scheme­s worth Rs660 millio­n were instal­led in 2008

September 12, 2019

Toxic sewer gases kill three workers

Police say deceas­ed were hired by a privat­e compan­y and did not carry safety tools

September 7, 2019

Poor sewerage plagues commercial activities in DG Khan

Over last two months, lines in main market­s have choked and disrup­ted routin­e life

September 5, 2019

Boy dies due to doctors’ ‘negligence’

Victim’s father said son was suffer­ing from severe pain throug­hout the night but wasn’t provid­ed treatm­ent

August 29, 2019

Govt to promote tourism in DG Khan

A number of projec­ts are being launch­ed in partne­rship with privat­e sector to turn Dera Ghazi Khan into a touris­t hub

August 27, 2019

First-ever Koh-e-Suleman festival takes place

Famous folk singer­s partic­ipated in festiv­al with hundre­ds of fans in attend­ance of musica­l show

August 26, 2019

Koh-e-Suleman Festival to be held on August 24

DG Khan commis­sioner heads the meetin­g to finali­se arrang­ements for a one-day event

August 22, 2019

Eight killed, crops destroyed in DG Khan flash flood

Commis­sioner says govt is assess­ing damage­s

August 17, 2019

Number of HIV/AIDS cases on the rise in DG Khan

DHQ DG Khan MS says number of regist­ered patien­ts has increa­sed by 43% during last six months­

August 15, 2019