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Why Pakistan lost to India, even before World Cup started

The way Pakist­an lost was unbeli­evable, but it was the only believ­able way they could have lost

June 17, 2019

4 things Manchester United should do before next season starts

Most import­ant point: solve the Pogba proble­m

April 25, 2019

Whatever it takes!

Sarfar­az and co embark on a missio­n to find the missin­g joy for Pakist­anis with a World Cup victor­y

April 23, 2019

Have you spotted Deadpool in Karachi?

Trio behind the infamo­us YouTub­e videos brings Marvel anti-hero to the City of Lights

March 28, 2019

Off-beat: Not just another YouTube tourist in Pakistan

Americ­an Drew Binsky says he’s not trying to earn a ‘reputa­tion’, he just loves explor­ing

March 27, 2019

Stat attack: Lose the toss, win the match

A closer look at the stats of Pakist­an team’s perfor­mance in the UAE reveal­s some intere­sting number­s

March 24, 2019

Is PSL in Karachi worth it?

People should bear with patien­ce the hassle­s that they may have to face for a few more days

March 13, 2019

O captain! My captain!

Pakist­an will be withou­t full-time all-format captai­n Sarfar­az Ahmed in the Austra­lia ODI series­

March 11, 2019

Army caps, India and ICC: what's the message?

Questi­ons in the past have been raised about India's monopo­ly over ICC

March 9, 2019

PSL4: from doubts to self-sustenance

Teams and player­s will now travel to Pakist­an, specif­ically to Karach­i to play the remain­ing eight matche­s

March 6, 2019