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The Taliban revival

Dr Abbas presen­ted histor­y of Pashtu­ns, Pakist­an's politi­cal develo­pments, Taliba­nisati­on's politi­cal econom­y

October 17, 2014

Who will stand up for investigative journalism?

In Pakist­an, we need to focus on creati­ng instit­utes of invest­igativ­e journa­lism that are cost-effect­ive, sustai­nable.

May 22, 2014

Pakistan’s representation on the Hill

Pakist­ani diaspo­ra consis­ts of workin­g class or rich busine­ssmen, unlike Indian diaspo­ra, an educat­ed middle class.

February 13, 2014

Living with muscular dystrophy

In Pakist­an, rehabi­litati­on centre­s and proper diagno­sis, cure and treatm­ents are not availa­ble.

January 22, 2014