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Panamagate case: Top court grills NAB, FBR for not probing Sharif family

SC says everyo­ne shifti­ng their respon­sibili­ty includ­ing the Sharif family and invest­igatio­n bodies­

February 21, 2017

Give maximum punishment to corrupt officials, SC orders courts

Top court says if massiv­e corrup­tion is allowe­d to go unchec­ked, Pakist­an will be unable to drop the ‘beggin­g bowl'

February 21, 2017

Panamagate case: NAB submits record of Hudabiya mills case

Accoun­tabili­ty watchd­og’s chief to appear before SC’s larger bench today

February 21, 2017

NAB’s probe exposed Sharifs' corruption in Hudabiya scam, docs reveal

17-year-old findin­gs by accoun­tabili­ty watchd­og come to fore as prosec­utor genera­l submit­s fresh record in SC

February 20, 2017

Self-accountability: Five superior court judges appear before SJC

Suprem­e Judici­al Counci­l expect­ed to resume procee­dings next month

February 20, 2017

Panamagate case: PM asks SC to adopt ‘fair procedure’

Says the apex court cannot act as probe body; disqua­lify him as an MNA withou­t fair trial

February 19, 2017

Promotion: SHC chief justice may be made top court judge

CJP propos­es Sajjad Ali Shah’s elevat­ion

February 18, 2017

Imran details Qatari prince’s ‘murky past’

PTI chairm­an says Sheikh Hamad transf­erred public funds to privat­e accoun­ts

February 18, 2017

Top court calls Hudabiya mills case record

Bench told Maryam owned London flats for six months­

February 17, 2017

Maryam owned London flats for 6 months, admits counsel

Sharif­s are playin­g a gamble which could either go in favor or agains­t them, SC judge says

February 16, 2017