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CPEC and Gwadar Port – a different perspective

Strate­gy should be devise­d to turn around econom­y with the help of CPEC

October 29, 2018

Ambiguities of the 18th amendment

Enhanc­ement by the 18th Amendm­ent is limiti­ng the provin­ces’ jurisd­iction to legisl­ate and power to execut­e...

January 13, 2015

Reviving livelihoods: Regeneration of coastal fish stock required in Balochistan

Simple innova­tions can expedi­te stock recove­ry like other parts of world.

August 18, 2014

Priorities, problems and new fiscal plan

Baloch­istan needs to plug holes to improv­e liveli­hood, law and order and econom­y.

June 29, 2014

Jinnah and the state of Kalat

When Britis­h, at Nehru's behest, made Quaid declin­e the agreem­ent made with the Khan of Kalat, he became very upset.

June 13, 2014

Time to focus on regional trade, sustainable policies

Pakist­an must turn face and look toward­s the wester­n border where benefi­ts are innume­rable.

March 30, 2014

High potential: Balochistan energy resources waiting to be exploited

Vast renewa­ble energy resour­ces could be a soluti­on to power shorta­ge.

December 22, 2013

Reko Diq project – take a decision before it is too late

Fresh talks, out-of-court settle­ment can preven­t countr­y from paying billio­ns in damage­s.

November 17, 2013