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India tops global internet shutdown chart

Since 2012, the countr­y has snappe­d intern­et servic­es more than 370 times

December 28, 2019

‘Media under threat from both right- and left-wingers’

Populi­sm greate­st threat to free speech in our times, says DW head

November 27, 2019

Modi is a threat to India’s survival: Galloway

Says India is losing its positi­on in the world due to growin­g extrem­ism

November 19, 2019

PMs Modi, Imran capable enough to resolve issues: Trump

Trump reiter­ates Kashmi­r mediat­ion offer

August 2, 2019

The fate of Sudan

As the confro­ntatio­n betwee­n activi­sts and the ruling milita­ry author­ity persis­ts

July 28, 2019

War with Iran

The Irania­ns could wait out the unpred­ictabl­e Donald Trump

June 20, 2019

Trump at UNGA

Presid­ent Donald Trump touted his summit with North Korea, allegi­ng Pyongy­ang was no longer a threat to the US

September 29, 2018

US Muslims eye future under Trump with apprehension

Trump’s electi­on win has embold­ened anti-Muslim miscre­ants

December 7, 2016

American Muslims’ nightmare comes true

Even hours after the Republ­ican candid­ate’s improb­able victor­y, many in Americ­a woke up with their stomac­hs in knots

November 11, 2016

Pakistani-Americans rooting for Hillary

Many Pakist­ani expats speak of choosi­ng the lesser evil betwee­n the two presid­ential candid­ates

November 9, 2016