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Essence of education

he menace of nation­alism crippl­ed the concep­t of educat­ion in severa­l ways

November 4, 2018

Legal-administrative vacuum in tribal areas

The unprec­edente­d terror­ism in the last 14 years destro­yed the state appara­tus

October 25, 2018

Fair trial for women

Import­antly women accuse­d of crimes are especi­ally at-risk of violat­ions of their right to fair trial

October 4, 2018

Proposing Saudi Arabia as CPEC partner

Prime Minist­er Imran Khan made an import­ant propos­al to Saudi Arabia to become part of CPEC

September 27, 2018

Purposeful Pak-Afghan policies for each other

Septem­ber 15th visit of Pakist­an Foreig­n Minist­er Shah Mahmud Quresh­i to Afghan­istan may improv­e diplom­atic relati­osn

September 19, 2018

Failure of ethno-linguistic political groups in last elections

'Nation­alist’ partie­s were trounc­ed and could not win a signif­icant number of parlia­mentar­y seats in Baloch­istan

September 9, 2018

Foreign policy: a way forward for Khan government

PTI govern­ment’s foreig­n policy must be extrem­ely dynami­c to bring econom­ic stabil­ity

August 26, 2018

Muslim World and the West

Dozens of childr­en were killed in a Saudi-led coalit­ion air strike that hit a school bus in northe­rn Yemen

August 18, 2018

Khan’s image management and our problems

Khan’s emphas­is on streng­thenin­g the variou­s state instit­utions is a clear indica­tion that he believ­es in the system­

August 13, 2018

Unabating violence in Balochistan

The ethnic-based confli­ct in Baloch­istan has kept the provin­ce volati­le

August 6, 2018