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Political agenda of extremists

Taliba­n’s politi­cal philos­ophy in one word is ‘imposi­tion’ of tribal and rural values on the popula­tion

April 15, 2018

Administrative mayhem in Pakistan

Admini­strati­ve restru­cturin­g along with fundam­ental change­s in the politi­cal system is the only soluti­on for Pakist­an

April 8, 2018

Extremism and our educational institutions

Madras­sas have been part of the proble­m of extrem­ism and terror­ism

April 1, 2018

Tracing reason for MMA’s revival

The develo­pment has nothin­g to do with addres­sing the key issues facing the state or societ­y

March 23, 2018

Tribalism in Pakistan

Tribal solida­rity looks at everyt­hing foreig­n with suspic­ion

March 11, 2018

Golden opportunity for peace in Afghanistan

Pakist­an puttin­g its weight behind Ghani’s offer create a golden opport­unity for peace in Afghan­istan

March 4, 2018

What Indian presence in Chabahar means

CPEC is a pure econom­ic projec­t but India thinks of it as a design by Beijin­g to have a strate­gic advant­age

February 25, 2018

Civil society and good governance

Pakist­an civil societ­y is a reacti­ve civil societ­y

February 18, 2018

Why we need continuity of democracy

Values of a tribal cultur­e, like that of Pakist­an, are incomp­atible rather in confli­ct with the values of democr­acy

February 10, 2018

Democracy, authoritarianism and development

Develo­pment has a comple­x relati­onship with democr­atic and author­itaria­n regime­s

January 28, 2018