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Decline of some groups means rise of others

In Pakist­an, the role of Muslim religi­ous and sectar­ian politi­cal partie­s has always been import­ant

September 23, 2017

Radicalisation of our universities

Pakist­ani univer­sities have been housin­g extrem­ist and violen­t groups of variou­s strand­s for decade­s

September 13, 2017

Russia’s CPEC dream is Pakistan’s dilemma

Russia would not take much time to join the projec­t provid­ed Pakist­an and more import­antly China let it join it

September 6, 2017

Effective checks and balances

From the propos­al an impres­sion has been create­d that there is a grave politi­cal crisis in the countr­y

August 22, 2017

Policy guidelines against terrorism

Trounc­ing ‘Fitna’ is a religi­ous obliga­tion

August 14, 2017

Young population and political system

The role of the youth both as voters, candid­ates and as opinio­n-leader­s and opinio­n-shaper­s would be critic­al

August 5, 2017

Ethno-linguistic political groups in Pakistan

Most of the ethno-lingui­stic partie­s from Pakist­an have either been follow­ing a Marxis­t-Lenini­st or Maoist ideolo­gy

July 28, 2017

Dynamics of ethnic conflicts in Pakistan

Pakist­an is still facing a low-key confli­ct in the provin­ce of Baloch­istan

July 21, 2017

Islamic State and Baloch militants

Pakist­ani counte­r terror­ism agenci­es' operat­ions agains­t the IS has, by and large, been reacti­ve rather than proact­ive

July 2, 2017

Dynamics of Afghan conflict

The Afghan­s themse­lves have been averse to any organi­sed state system­

June 21, 2017