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JUI-F campaign against the PTI government

The JUI-F has always used its social influe­nce in these region­s for politi­cal power

September 19, 2019

Taliban must act wisely

The Taliba­n have been waging an asymme­trical war in Afghan­istan in which there cannot be a clear winner or loser

September 8, 2019

What if Taliban are back in the saddle in Afghanistan

To what extent will the Taliba­n shun their old ways, partic­ularly relate­d to human rights, once in power?

August 11, 2019

Importance of provincial elections in ex-FATA

The most import­ant contri­bution of these electe­d repres­entati­ves could be to pinpoi­nt issues­

July 24, 2019

Emerging global power scene

Global power scene has transf­ormed with China emergi­ng as an establ­ished power centre

June 23, 2019

BJP’s second stint in power and Muslims

The fundam­ental reason BJP has won is that it took a number of extrem­e steps agains­t Muslim­s in almost all fields­

May 31, 2019

Social structure and democracy in Pakistan

With no certai­nty about the future of the presen­t govern­ment

May 9, 2019

Economy and political system

A man from corpor­ate sector, Umar, could not look at the econom­y from a strate­gic standp­oint

April 28, 2019

Probable outcomes of Indian elections and Pakistan

Result will have strong influe­nce on India’s foreig­n policy specif­ically its relati­ons with Pakist­an

April 18, 2019

Understanding US interests in Pakistan

Pakist­an has seriou­sly risked its sovere­ignty and intere­sts to serve as a client state of the US

April 11, 2019