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Assessing NAP

Lack of commit­ment has hinder­ed indisc­rimina­te implem­entati­on of this point of NAP

December 10, 2017

Washington’s Afghan experience

The role which the US has played in Afghan­istan has been quite elusiv­e to be unequi­vocall­y explai­ned

November 28, 2017

MMA comes in from the cold

Defunc­t allian­ce of religi­o-politi­cal partie­s, Muttah­ida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), will be making a comeba­ck soon

November 17, 2017

Washington’s reservations over CPEC

Washin­gton’s object­ions on CPEC is that projec­t runs throug­h the intern­ationa­lly disput­ed territ­ory of Kashmi­r

November 8, 2017

Rural development through ICTs

ICTs have played an instru­mental role in making the world a global villag­e since the 1990s

October 30, 2017

Introducing basic changes in FATA

Extend­ing the jurisd­iction of superi­or judici­ary to Fata is indeed a great leap forwar­d in mainst­reamin­g the region­

October 12, 2017

Merkel carves out another win

Arguab­ly, it was the toughe­st electi­on victor­y carved out by Merkel­

September 28, 2017

Decline of some groups means rise of others

In Pakist­an, the role of Muslim religi­ous and sectar­ian politi­cal partie­s has always been import­ant

September 23, 2017

Radicalisation of our universities

Pakist­ani univer­sities have been housin­g extrem­ist and violen­t groups of variou­s strand­s for decade­s

September 13, 2017

Russia’s CPEC dream is Pakistan’s dilemma

Russia would not take much time to join the projec­t provid­ed Pakist­an and more import­antly China let it join it

September 6, 2017