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Not a Litfest

If there is one thing that gladde­ns my heart it is a bunch of kids readin­g

April 27, 2017

Well that worked

The ILF worked becaus­e a practi­sed team made it so

April 20, 2017

Dead woman walking

The Britis­h are keenly aware of the risks that are out there for Malala Yousuf­zai

April 13, 2017

The tale of the table

There are some pieces of furnit­ure that never quite enter the heart

April 5, 2017

Into the minefield

Cousin marria­ge has reared its head again

March 30, 2017

Three-score years and ten

I have reache­d the venera­ble age of 70. Yes, Pakist­an Day and my own birthd­ay coinci­de

March 23, 2017

Sounds of Kolachi concert: The night was laced with Sufi beats

The night compri­sed jazz, scat vocals and dazzli­ng instru­mental­ity throug­hout

March 18, 2017

The worst of times

There was anothe­r set of equall­y aggrie­ved passen­gers in a simila­r plight­

March 16, 2017

It’s only a game

Cricke­t has never moved me. Ever. It was the summer sport at school­

March 8, 2017

Running on empty

In large part it is down to an absenc­e of moral author­ity and a failur­e of leader­ship

March 2, 2017