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Another year of uncertainty

Milita­ry interv­ention­s in Pakist­an could have been avoide­d had the civili­an govern­ments been perfor­ming

December 31, 2015

Changing our destiny

We must honour our own commit­ments as a worthy partne­r in this unique histor­ic joint ventur­e

May 9, 2015

No more proxy wars

We should not accept any role on any pretex­t that makes us part of the Saudi milita­ry offens­ive in Yemen

April 11, 2015

Painful reflections

We cannot afford being part of anothe­r proxy war and must carefu­lly examin­e the pros & cons of our role in this crisis­

March 28, 2015

Netanyahu’s Iranian ‘hurrah’

In this murky atmosp­here, the Irania­n and US negoti­ators in Geneva will find themse­lves in a cul-de-sac

March 14, 2015

A festival, and an elusive peace

While we should remain commit­ted to an honour­able peace, there is no room or cause for compla­cency or over-optimi­sm

February 28, 2015

Upholding the Kashmir cause

A free and fair plebis­cite under UN auspic­es remain­s the only soluti­on to which both India and Pakist­an had commit­ted

February 14, 2015

A worrisome ‘alliance’

We know such allian­ces never endure, keep changi­ng as world and its dynami­cs do by the inevit­able proces­s of change­

January 31, 2015

Beyond ‘defining moments’

Nation­s do have defini­ng moment­s. We have had too many of them

January 17, 2015

Pakistan’s foreign policy — an agonising reappraisal

To be at peace with the world, we need to be at peace with oursel­ves

December 26, 2014