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Afghanistan and the New World Order

The Moscow huddle added one new elemen­t to the compli­cated Afghan chessb­oard — a reasse­rtive Russia in Afghan­istan

January 19, 2017

Analysis: How America's Muslims, other minorities vote

The immigr­ant and minori­ty commun­ities do not reflec­t the deep divisi­ons visibl­e among the mainst­ream Americ­an voters­

November 8, 2016

Saving elections from 'ill-actions'

Electi­on manife­stos seem like halluc­inatio­ns when judged on the track record of the partie­s toutin­g them.

April 26, 2013

Why Pakistan is losing the war against polio

Pakist­an will have to do better in the critic­al areas of implem­entati­on and manage­ment of its vaccin­ation progra­mme.

April 11, 2013