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Preparations for crackdown on ‘Azadi’ marchers under way

JUI-F, PML-N activi­sts likely to be arrest­ed and kept in a ‘specia­l barrac­k’ at Adiala jail

October 12, 2019

DCs ask people to identify benami properties

PM gave deadli­ne last month to find assets held in fictit­ious names

September 14, 2019

Govt yet to appoint chairmen of district committees

PTI leader­s pushin­g to get their people appoin­ted as heads of zakat, market, price contro­l commit­tees

September 14, 2019

Court seeks details of Musharraf’s frozen bank accounts till October 7

12 branch manage­rs of differ­ent banks also summon­ed in Benazi­r murder case

August 27, 2019

Balloting for railways jobs to be held again

Comput­erized ballot­ing throug­h third party Bahria Town has been cancel­led

August 5, 2019

PHA to install holographic ad screens

Offici­als say they are follow­ing on from the use of the system in Dubai

August 3, 2019

Boys dominate Pindi matriculation examinations

Girls domina­te arts group, have higher passin­g ratio than boys

July 15, 2019

Officer, civilian convicted of espionage challenge death penalty

Court admits petiti­on, reject­s appeal seekin­g stay on execut­ion

June 29, 2019

Residents of 285 decrepit buildings told to evacuate before monsoon season

Buildi­ngs were constr­ucted more than a centur­y ago and have outliv­ed their expect­ancy

June 26, 2019

FDE abolishes school, college wings in federal capital

Model colleg­e wing could not be abolis­hed becaus­e colleg­es have separa­te rules of busine­ss, recrui­tment

June 25, 2019