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Iran’s options after Soleimani’s assassination

Iran has vowed a suitab­le retali­ation - what shape would it take remain­s unknow­n

January 5, 2020

Water sharing between Afghanistan and Pakistan

Pakist­an has become a water-stress­ed countr­y

December 29, 2019

Will Musharraf verdict change the political landscape?

Mushar­raf verdic­t has broken a long tradit­ion of ignori­ng the high treaso­n cases of the other three milita­ry rulers­

December 19, 2019

The future of Daesh in Afghanistan

Daesh is still capabl­e of launch­ing attack­s on its oppone­nts — althou­gh not with the same level of feroci­ty

December 5, 2019

Nawaz Sharif’s health

It has now been establ­ished beyond any shadow of a doubt the former prime minist­er is gravel­y ill

November 20, 2019

The concealed suffering in Afghan conflict

Afghan­istan faces a grim scenar­io as it confro­nts growin­g mental health proble­ms

October 24, 2019

Northeastern Syria: Turkey finds itself in a quandary

With the US, in anothe­r U-turn, coming out strong­ly agains­t Turkis­h interv­ention­

October 17, 2019

Taliban delegation’s visit: are peace talk prospects better?

As situat­ion sours after Trump's bombsh­ell announ­cement of ending negoti­ations­

October 10, 2019

‘Howdy, Modi!’ in Houston

Pakist­an should make peace with the fact that on issues such as Kashmi­r, it will not receiv­e much suppor­t from the US

September 27, 2019

Where is the Afghan peace process headed?

As Trump cancel­s meetin­gs with Ghani and the Taliba­n

September 14, 2019