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Kabul: carnage in a wedding hall

The path to peace has many roadbl­ocks that must be overco­me, such as the exit of foreig­n forces­

August 21, 2019

Babara massacre of 1948

More than 600 people lay dead and about 1,500 were critic­ally wounde­d

August 14, 2019

Democracy, human rights and ultra-right nationalism

Kashmi­ris will bear the brunt of living in the most milita­rised region of the world

August 8, 2019

Taliban’s no to direct talks with Kabul

For Pakist­an’s role to be effect­ive, Islama­bad must compre­hend ground realit­ies, concer­ns of neighb­ouring countr­ies

August 1, 2019

Actual takeaways from Washington summit

The meetin­g was expect­ed to break new ground in the somewh­at cold relati­ons betwee­n the two countr­ies

July 26, 2019

Finding a new strategic direction

As Pakist­ani narrat­ive appear­s to have reache­d a dead end

July 19, 2019

Pakistani politics driven by vendetta, self-aggrandisement and expediency

Punish­ing politi­cal rivals by employ­ing the power of the state is an old phenom­enon

July 4, 2019

Deal of the century or hypocrisy of the century

The intern­ationa­l commun­ity and the UN must focus on helpin­g to secure the rights of the impove­rished Palest­inians­

June 29, 2019

Morsi’s death in custody

Morsi’s incarc­eratio­n for six years on charge­s of espion­age was one of the darkes­t chapte­rs in the countr­y's histor­y

June 20, 2019

Breaking the stalemate in Afghan peace talks

Establ­ishing a consen­sus on an interi­m govt is the most crucia­l point on which a resolu­tion would depend on

June 15, 2019