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Intra-Afghan talks break new ground

Admitt­edly Pakist­an will hugely benefi­t from stabil­ity and peace of the west Asian countr­y in many differ­ent ways

February 14, 2019

Bus Rapid Transit project: a monumental absurdity

The projec­t has destro­yed the existi­ng road infras­tructu­re of Peshaw­ar

February 7, 2019

Taliban-US deal

Bringi­ng peace to Afghan­istan is a daunti­ng task

January 31, 2019

Palestine in 2019

The bigges­t benefi­ciary of the prevai­ling chaos in the Middle East is the state of Israel­

January 22, 2019

What needs to be done in the tribal area?

There is need to craft a system that on the one hand delive­rs quick justic­e

January 12, 2019

Road map for peace in Afghanistan

With defeat­ing Daesh as a priori­ty

January 3, 2019

Afghanistan — obstacles to troop pullout

The countr­y needs instit­utions and rulers who would undert­ake the gigant­ic task of rebuil­ding it

December 27, 2018

Cost of ignoring Afghanistan’s ground realities

Peace is being obstru­cted by Kabul regime’s concer­ns for its inclus­ion, surviv­al

November 5, 2017

The unanticipated perils of merger of FATA with K-P

Debate over the abolit­ion of Fata as distin­ct admini­strati­ve entity is creati­ng ripple­s across the politi­cal spectr­um

February 15, 2017

Challenges India and Pakistan need to confront

India and Pakist­an have not been able to live in peacef­ul coexis­tence since partit­ion of the sub-contin­ent

February 2, 2017