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Amritsar’s Golden Temple welcomes anyone and everyone with open arms

Lahore is the closes­t city to Amrits­ar, which lies approx­imatel­y 50 kilome­tres from the Wagah border­

June 11, 2016

Saiful Malook - Lake lustre

Lake Saiful Malook can easily take someon­e’s breath away.

July 26, 2015

Shimla diaries: heading for the hills

A trip to Shimla is akin to going back in time, when the hill statio­n was develo­ping into a touris­t attrac­tion

June 14, 2015

Magic of Karachi & Lahore: There's no place like home

How a group of young city-dwelle­rs is making us relive the magic of Karach­i and Lahore­

March 8, 2015

Social media & global conflicts: #BinaryBattles

Social media can be a game change­r in global confli­cts if utilis­ed accura­tely and effici­ently

October 12, 2014

High street hospitality: Lahore Backpackers

Someti­mes love for the countr­y can be seen in a discou­nted rate card and free wi-fi.

November 24, 2013

Mountain climbing: Gods awaiting pilgrims

With toweri­ng peaks that even the Swiss would envy, Pakist­an is a mounta­ineer’s paradi­se.

January 27, 2013